Liam Ford

Head Coach (aka Diaz)

Diaz joined GEO in 2016.  He came to Geo as an 18 year old straight out of school, full of enthusiasm, with a strong Rugby Union background, and limited at-home CrossFit experience. His first session at GEO saw him perform a 130kg Power Clean.  Just a casual 130kg……

Diaz very quickly showed that CrossFit was what he wanted to dedicate himself to.  As an athlete, he excels.  He works hard at everything.  He embraces his weaknesses.  He trains outside of classes to get better.

This lead to him becoming GEO’s best all-round athlete, and also the achievement of multiple podium finishes in local and national CrossFit comps.

When it comes to technique, Diaz is flawless, and he passes this onto the GEO community when he coaches them.


CrossFit level 1 Trainer

ASCA Level 1 Strength & Conditioning

Muscle Mechanics Workshop

Isabelle Paul

Coach (aka Izzie)

Izzie brings with her an absolute wealth of participatory experience in gymnastics as well as coaching experience (specifically with kids).  In recent times she has focussed her attention on Olympic Weight Lifting, and under the guidance of Coach Bunnings, has qualified to the Junior Nationals.

Her coaching experience with kids has actually enabled her to be a great coach with adults as she knows how to simplify things and use cues that everyone understands.


CrossFit level 1 Trainer

Level 1 Sports Trainer
ACU Physiotherapy Student

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