Contact us if you want to join our awesome community and chase your fitness goals.


Welcome to CrossFit GEO.  

Contrary to popular perception, you do not have to be fit to start CrossFit.  Our community of members are drawn from all walks of life with equal numbers of women and men, young and old.  Our youngest members are 8 and our eldest members are in their 70’s.

They did not come to CrossFit GEO with high-level fitness or training experience.  They took the most crucial of steps – the first one – and have trusted our coaches to show them the way to better health and fitness.

We will do the same for you.  

Being anxious is normal. Give us a chance to welcome you into our community, make you feel comfortable, and teach you how to be better.

We look forward to meeting you.

~Coach Adam Brown

Founder & Head Coach

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