CrossFit Geo – XFIT

Warm Up

2 rounds

4 Spiderman Lunge with Thoracic Rotation

10 BB Romanian Deadlift

12 BB Reverse Lunge

20sec Hollow Hold

10 Kip Swing

Deadlift (In an 18min window, complete:
Warm up sets (6min)
Working sets (10min)
Pack up weights (2min))


3×7 @8.5RPE

*Use the same weight as last week for one extra rep per set. Please make sure to record weights each week.



Partner Workout, Share anyhow

AMRAP 20mins

50/45cal Bike/Row/Ski

50 TTB

40/35cal Bike/Row/Ski

40 Wall Balls

30/25cal Bike/Row/Ski

30 Overhead Squats 50/35kg (Advanced: 60/40kg)

20/15cal Bike/Row/Ski

20 Bar Muscle Ups (Scale to 30 CTB)


For our Wednesday session, we have a fun partner chipper.

Note that this workout is also an AMRAP, so if athletes manage to finish the final 20 BMUs, they will return to the beginning of the workout.

The reps and calories can be shared between you and your partner in any manner. Make sure to warm up your overhead squat position after the heavy deadlifts in the previous strength component.