CrossFit Geo – XFIT

Warm Up

2 rounds

4 Spiderman Lunge with Thoracic Rotation

10 BB Romanian Deadlift

12 BB Reverse Lunge

20sec Hollow Hold

10 Kip Swing

Deadlift (In a 20min window, complete:
Warm up sets (6min)
Working sets (10-12min)
Pack-up weights (1-2min)

Deadlift (soft TnG)

1×6@7RPE (at least 3 perfect reps left in the tank)

1×8@5% less than set of 6

1×10@5% less than set of 8

1×12@5% less than set of 10

***Next week and the week after we will be keeping the loads the same and adding one more rep per set.

Please make sure to record weights each week.



AMRAP 12mins

50 Double Unders

18 TTB

12 Single DB Box Step-ups 22.5/15kg 24/20″

*DB can be held anyhow.


AMRAP 12mins

75 Double Unders

22 TTB

12 Dual DB Box Step-ups 22.5/15kg 24/20″

*DBs can be held anyhow.


Today’s workout is a simple triplet designed to keep you moving throughout the entire 12-minute AMRAP.

As grip and shoulder fatigue may become a factor. It’s wise to strategically break up the reps early on.

You have the flexibility to hold the dumbbell in any position during the step-ups for added variation.

For larger classes, consider sharing the box for step-ups by alternating sides.

Position the box lengthwise to accommodate for this.