CrossFit Geo – XFIT


200m Run/Row/Ski/Bike

2 rounds:

4 per side ATG Split Squats

4 Dive Bomber Push Ups

5 Strict Press in Split Jerk receiving position


In a 16min window complete following

Split Jerk

1×2 @80-85% 1RM

1×1@90-95% 1RM

1×2 @80-85% 1RM

1×1@90-95% 1RM

*Make sure you spend an adequate amount of time warming up before reaching the prescribed percentages.

Aiming to lift every 90seconds until reaching the 80% mark, then every 90secs-2mins.



AMRAP 16mins

20/16cal Bike/Row/Ski or Run

10 Push Ups

10 Ring Row or Jumping Pull Ups


AMRAP 16mins

20/16cal Bike/Row/Ski

6 Wall Walks

12 CTB


AMRAP 16mins

20/16cal Bike Erg /Bike/Row/Ski

50ft HS Walk

8 Bar Muscle Ups


This workout (depending on which you level you choose) can be a high skill conditioning piece, challenging your ability to maintain HS walking/BMU under a growing amount of fatigue.

Look to use the bike erg as a chance to rest the upper body and recover for the next round.

For Rx/Scaled the gymnastics is more simplified, allowing athletes to hold a more aggressive pace accumulating a good amount of gymnastic reps under fatigue.