CrossFit Geo – XFIT


200m Run/Row/Bike/Ski

2 rounds

10 Alternating Slow Pause Cossack Squats

10 W-vs

5-10 Slow tempo OH Squat with dowel/BB

Complete some short Erg efforts between barbell warm up sets


Interval Weight Training

On the 3min for 15min

250/200m Row @ moderate effort (60sec cap)

2 Power Snatch + 1 Snatch

*Start at 75% 1RM PS and build to heavy.

Adjust the meter effort to make sure at a moderate pace you finish within 60sec.

Stagger start large classes by 1min.

CONDITIONING (2 Rounds for reps)


AMRAP 8mins

50 DU or SU

10 Overhead Squats or Front Squat @light

Rest 3mins

AMRAP 8mins

10 Burpee over DB

20 DB Snatch


AMRAP 8mins

50 Double Unders

10 Overhead Squats @50/35kg

Rest 3mins

AMRAP 8mins

10 Burpee Box Overs @24/20″

20 DB Snatch @22.5/15kg

Todays two AMRAPs are specifically challenging on grip and shoulders.

Aim to manage that fatigue by having short breaks on DUs or DB Snatch.

For Advanced athletes they should aim to stay unbroken for all rounds finding rest in transitions, pacing or efficiency of movement.