CrossFit Geo – XFIT


200m Run/Row/Bike/Ski

2 rounds

20 sec Dead Hang

5 Tall Muscle Clean

5 Stict Press

5 Full Grip Pause Front Sqauts

10 Oscillating Squat Jumps*


Every 2mins for 8mins

1 Power Clean Push Jerk

1 Squat Clean Split Jerk

*Start at 65% and build to moderate, complete each split jerk with a pause in receiving position. Use as a primer for workout.



Rolling clock 18mins

For time

500m Row/Ski or 1000/900m Bike Erg

16 Dual KB Front Squats 24/16kg (Scale to dual DB)

400m Run

rest 1min

400m Run

16 Dual KB Front Squats 24/16kg (Scale to dual DB)

500m Row/Ski or 1000/900m Bike Erg

*Cap 12mins


In the remaining time until the 18min mark find a heavy:

Clean and Jerk

Two scores: Time & Weight lifted


Todays workout is a two round triplet into a max lift.

Use the strength segment at the start of the session to prime you for the max lift.

Set the weights up before you start the workout with a few plates left beside the barbell for your goal weights.

When approaching the Clean and Jerk look to complete 4-5 sets building each time. The first 1-2 weights should be comfortable and build confidence for the remaining lifts.

Have a plan beforehand for the starting weights and goal weights.

For a large class have half start and finish on the run with the erg effort in the middle. Aim to put faster athletes on ergs first.