CrossFit Geo – XFIT

Warm Up

200m Run/Row/Bike/Ski

2 rounds

4 Kang Squats (Boot strap squats)

4 Thoracic Rotations in bottom of Squat

5 Strict Press with slow Eccentric into full grip Front Rack

5 Pulse in the bottom Front Squats with full grip

*Add side lying clams and single leg hip lift between warm up sets.


16min window to warm up and complete:

Front Squat Complex

On the 2:30 for 10min

1 Pause Front Squat (3 sec) + 2 Front Squats

*Start at 75% 1RM Front Squat. You may increase the load throughout the sets, but stay below 8.5RPE.



On a 19min rolling clock, for total calories and shuttles:

00:00 – 08:00

800m Run

16 Hang Power Cleans Rx 60/40kg Elite 83/56kg

Max Cal Row/Bike/Ski till 8min

3min rest


14 Clean and Jerks Rx 60/40kg Elite 83/56kg


AMRAP till the 8min

12/10cal Row/Bike/Ski

*5 Shuttles (25ft up and 25ft back = 1rep)

*For a large class or limited space, change shuttle run to 15 wall balls.


Today’s goal is to challenge your aerobic output across an 8min interval, while also adding some complexity by having to perform a moderate-heavy strength exercise during that 8min.

If you’re choosing the “Elite” loading, aim to complete Hang Power Cleans in under four sets with short rest, and quick singles are acceptable for clean and jerks.