CrossFit Geo – XFIT

Warm Up

200m Run/Row/Bike/Ski

2 rounds

4 Kang Squats (Boot strap squats)

4 Thoracic Rotations in bottom of Squat

5 Strict Press with slow Eccentric into full grip Front Rack

5 Pulse in the bottom Front Squats with full grip

*Add side lying clams and single leg hip lift between warm up sets.


16min window to warm up and complete:

Front Squat Complex

On the 2:30 for 10min

1 Pause Front Squat (3 sec) + 2 Front Squats

*Start at 75% and build to a heavy for today. Aim to finish at 9RPE. Ideally greater than last week’s top set.



On the 6min for 24mins

24 Wall Balls 24/20lb

16/12cal Bike/Row/Ski

10 **Shuttle Runs (25ft up and 25ft back = 1 rep)

Max Cal Bike/Row/Ski untill 4min mark

Score is total cals accumulated after the shuttles each round

**For limited space substitute 10 shuttles for a 200m Run.


If your class is larger or if there are limited erg options available for this workout, consider swapping the erg effort and wall balls.

Stagger the start of two groups by 2 minutes to ensure each group can complete the buy-in calories and the final max effort.

The goal is to achieve the same total calories in each round.