CrossFit Geo – XFIT


2 Rounds For Quality

200m Run/Row/Bike/Ski

5 Dive Bombers

10 W-Vs

5 Strict Press in Push Jerk receiving position (pause top and bottom)


Jerk (On the 90sec for 9min (6 sets)

3 TnG Push Press + 1 Push Jerk)

*Start at approx 6-7RPE and build to approx 80% of last week’s top set



Metcon (No Measure)

On the 7min for 28min

300/250m Row

10-15 Unbroken HSPU / DB Push Press (deficit optional for Rx+)

200m Run

10-15 Unbroken Pull-ups / DB Bent Rows (CTB optional for Rx+)

200m Ski Erg or 12/9cal Echo


The purpose of this piece is primarily aerobic conditioning, whilst practicing some smooth gymnastics reps under elevated heart rate.

Scale the HSPU/Pull-ups so that you can finish each round between 4-5min. The Row, Run,Ski combined taking around 3-3:30, and the unbroken reps on the other movements each taking 30-45sec tops.

For a larger class stagger start two groups by 2mins or if possible have half start on Row and the other half start on Ski/Echo. Lastly if limited ergs have 2x200m run.