CrossFit Geo – XFIT

Warm Up

200m Run/Row/Ski/Bike

2x Lunge Flow + Dive Bomber P/Side

30sec Per/side Shoulder Stretch

Move to Movement Specific Warm Up

Empty Barbell set of First Complex


Clean & Jerk Series – 15 mins (Weight)

Clean and Jerk Series
Rolling Clock 15mins

On the 90sec for 6min
2 x (Muscle Clean + Push Press + Split Jerk) @light-moderate (increasing)

On the 90sec for 9min
1 Power Clean + Split Jerk
@75% 1RM PCSJ


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

On the 4min for 20min

20/15cal Row/Bike/Ski

18 Wall Balls 20/14lbs 10/9ft

Max reps Double Unders till the 3min

Score is total DU

Large Class: Stagger 2 groups by 2min