CrossFit Geo – XFIT


2 rounds

200m Run/Row/Ski/Bike

20-30 sec Dead hang or Lat/pec stretch

5-10 Push ups

Aim to complete 2 warm up sets of below progressions before starting 9min clock


On a 9mins clock complete following:


3 sets of:

90sec Max Feet Elevated Ring Row or Slow Negative Pull Ups

2min to accumulate 15-25 Push ups

*Use a deficit for more challenge


3 sets of:

90sec Max Strict CTB or Chest to Ring

2min to accumulate 15-25 Strict Box/Parallette Dips


3 sets of:

90sec Max Legless RC (Scale to strict negatives or sled pulls if needed)

2min to accumulate 15-25 Strict Dips

*If a athlete is heavily fatigued from yesterdays kipping pull ups, substitute the CTB/Pull ups for a wide grip chest supported DB Row for 10-15 reps


AMRAP 20mins

Partner workout

Max Cal Bike/Row/Ski

*While cals are being completed also work through following:

3 Rounds, exercise for exercise

50m Farmers Carry or Sandbag/Dead ball Chest Carry

30 KB Swings @24/16kg

30 Wall Balls


Fun partner workout for Thursday. Tag in and out from erg efforts and set reps on exercises. Exercise for exercise means that one team member will complete the full 50m carry before swapping and allowing their partner to also complete the full 50m carry. Swapping again and moving to the next exercise. Complete this format untill the 3 rounds are completed then for the remaining time work solely on cals.