CrossFit Geo – XFIT


2 rounds

200m Run/Row/Ski/Bike

20-30 sec Dead hang or Lat/pec stretch

5-10 Push ups

Aim to complete 2 warm up sets of below progressions before starting 9min clock


On a 9mins clock complete following


3 sets of:

1min Max Feet Elevated Ring Row or Slow Negative Pull Ups

2min to accumulate 10-20 Push ups

*Use a deficit for more challenge


3 sets of:

1min Max Strict CTB or Chest to Ring

2min to accumulate 10-20 Strict Box/Parallette Dips


3 sets of:

1min Max Legless RC (Scale to strict negatives or sled pulls if needed)

2min to accumulate 10-20 Strict Dips


2sets of AMRAP 10mins with 3mins rest

*Performed as 30sec work 30sec Rest

During each 10min AMRAP

0-5mins choose a mixed modal weakness movement for example:

– Burpee over bar, Wall Ball, Shuttle Run, Double Unders

5-10mins choose a erg that you need work on

– Echo Bike, Row, Ski, Bike erg


This is a choose your own adventure Aerobic Hit session.

Goal ideally is to choose weakness movements and aim for hard repeatable efforts gaining training volume on them.

For a larger class stagger half the group to start on ergs and finish on mixed modal movements.