CrossFit Geo – XFIT


2 rounds

200m Run/Row/Ski/Bike

20-30 sec Deadhang or Lat/pec stretch

5-10 Push ups

10/10 Single leg glute bridge

Aim to complete 2-3 warm up sets of below progressions before starting 12min clock


In a 12min window complete following:

3 rounds for completion

10 Barbell Hip Thrust

5-15 Tempo Push-ups on DB’s 2211

20 Alternating KB Bent Rows

*Complete all working sets at 7.5-8RPE.


AMRAP 18minsz

Partner Workout

or Individual with 1:1 work to rest ratio

250/200m Row or 500/400m Bike Erg (Each partner. One then the other)

12 V-ups (Each partner. One then the other)

12 Sandbag/Dead ball Clean @heavy (shared anyhow between 2)

*Alternative equipment option do either 200m Farmers Carry 32/24kg (shared between 2) OR 12 Power Cleans @ approx. 70% 1RM (shared between 2)


Partner-up with someone at a similar level as you and choose a Sandbag/Dead ball load that is a challenge.

Alternatively if you do not have heavy Sandbags/Dead balls you may do Farmers Carry or Power Cleans