CrossFit Geo – XFIT


2 rounds

200m Run/Row/Ski/Bike

10 Alternating Curtsey Lungs

10 Slow tempo Dead bug

10/10 Fire Hydrant (Glute med exercise)


In a 12min window complete following:

Lunge Complex

Back Rack lunges

Three times through the complex = 1 set

1 Forward Lunge per leg

1 Reverse Lunge per leg

(12 lunges total in one set)

*Perform 3 sets at 8-8.5RPE across, each week we will look to increase load.


Rolling clock 24mins

3 rounds of following

EMOM 4mins *Cal Bike Erg or Row or Ski

1) 40sec Effort

2) 30sec Effort

3) 20sec Effort

4) Peak Watt Effort (Aim to achieve highest wattage out put, when it drops, top)

in to

Within 4mins for load/quality

6/6 Half Kneeling KB Press (Pause top and bottom)

30sec Weighted Plank or 30sec Dead ball/Sandbag Chest Hold

*rest as needed


For todays EMOM look to increase your power output as the work duration decreases.

Minute 1 is completed as 40sec work 20sec rest at 8RPE.

Minute 2 is 30sec work 30sec rest at 8-8.5RPE.

Minute 3 is 20sec work 40sec rest at 8.5-9RPE.

Minute 4 is a maximal effort to achieve the highest Wattage. Make sure the erg is set to watts to show this.

As soon as the watts drop stop the effort.

This should only take 10-20seconds at most.