CrossFit Geo – XFIT


2 rounds

200m Run/Row/Ski/Bike

10 Alternating Curtsey Lungs

10 Slow tempo Dead bug

10/10 Fire Hydrant (Glute med exercise)


In a 12min window complete following:

Lunge Complex

Back Rack lunges

Three times through the complex = 1 set

1 Forward Lunge per leg

1 Reverse Lunge per leg

(12 lunges total in one set)

***Perform 2 sets at 80% of last weeks load or 7RPE.


Partner Workout

AMRAP 20min

Max Cal Bike/Row/Ski

*After every effort complete following alternating between A1/A2

A1) 6 Box Jump Overs + 12 V-Ups

A2) 50ft Dual KB Front Rack Carry 24/16kg


Look to rotate through the max cal efforts every 60-90seconds, allowing athletes to work as hard as they feel comfortable in the time window.

If A1/A2 will take you longer than 40seconds than aim towards the 90sec duration efforts.