CrossFit Geo – XFIT

Warm Up

200m Run/Row/Ski/Bike

2 Rounds

5-10 Push Ups with pause above floor

5-10 Ring Rows

5-10 Kip swings or Ring Swings

10 Snap to Hollow

10 Snap to Arch


**Choose between gymastics option or barbell option

Barbell/DB Strength Option

3 rounds:

16 Alternating Back Rack Reverse Lunge @ slightly heavier than last week

Rest 60-90sec

8-10 Single Arm DB Row @ slightly heavier than last week

Rest 60-90sec

Gymnastics Option:

Option 1

Ring Muscle Up

Every 60-90secs for 8 sets.

3-5 RMU *must be unbroken + 5 Burpee to Rings

Record total RMU

(If max is 1-3 reps, aim for 1-2 reps pr set, and rest as needed between sets)

15min cap for working sets

Option 2

3-5 sets rotating through exercises

1-2 False Grip Chest to Ring Pull up

5-8 Ring Swings

1-3 Deep Pause Ring Dips *Pause in bottom position

3 Low Ring Transitions



AMRAP 20mins

Partner Workout

Max distance Bike/Row/Ski

*Every 4mins including the 0:00 you must stop and complete the following

20 Box Jump Step Down 24/20″ (shared anyhow)

14 Sync Kettlebell Swings @24/16kg

14 Sync Goblet Squats


There’s no need to evenly share the erg; instead, aim to rotate after a set time duration rather than reaching a specific calorie count.

This approach allows each athlete to pace themselves accordingly.