CrossFit Geo – XFIT


200m Run/Row/Ski/Bike

2 Rounds

5-10 Push Ups with pause above floor

5-10 Ring Rows

5-10 Kip swings or Ring Swings

10 Snap to Hollow

10 Snap to Arch


**Choose between gymastics option or barbell option

Barbell/DB Strength Option

3 rounds:

16 Alternating Back Rack Reverse Lunge @ slightly heavier than last week

Rest 60-90sec

8-10 Single Arm DB Row @ slightly heavier than last week

Rest 60-90sec

Gymnastics Option:

Option 1

Ring Muscle Up

Every 60-90seconds for 7 sets

5/4 Cal Echo +3-5 Ring Muscle Ups *must be unbroken

(If max is 1-3 reps, aim for 1-2 reps pr set, and rest as needed between sets)

15min cap for working sets

Option 2

3-5 sets rotating through exercises

1-2 False Grip Chest to Ring Pull up

5-8 Ring Swings

1-3 Deep Pause Ring Dips *Pause in bottom position

3 Low Ring Transitions



Partner Workout, Exercise for exercise/you go i go

AMRAP 18mins

20 Wall Balls

200m Run or 12/9 Cal Echo

20 KB Swings 24/16kg

200m Run or 12/9 Cal Echo

20 V-Ups or GHD Sit ups

200m Run or 12/9 Cal Echo

2 Rope Climbs or 9 Strict Pull Ups


This workout is completed as “you go i go”, where each exercise is completed by one athlete at a time.

The sequence begins with one athlete performing 20 wall balls, followed by the other completing the same number. Afterward, both athletes move on to the next exercise, with the first athlete doing a 200m run or 12/9 Cal Echo, and then the second athlete repeating the run or calories. This pattern continues for 18 minutes.

In a larger class setting, have athletes alternate between running and using the Echo bike each round to ensure smooth flow and accommodate the group size.