CrossFit Geo – XFIT


2 Rounds For Quality

200m Run/Row/Ski/Bike

15 Empty Bar Pendlay Rows with pause at top

10 Hollow Rocks

20sec Pike Shoulder Taps


In a 16min window complete following

1-2 warmup sets of each movement, then:

3 rounds of working sets for quality:

15 Strict TTB / Tempo Straight Leg Raise (accumulated)

60sec Max Distance HS Walk OR Practice Shoulder taps Pike on Box /Wall Facing

12 Pendlay Rows @slightly heavier than last week


Metcon (No Measure)

EMOM 25min

1. Single DB Snatch @ heavy OR Sandbag Clean @ heavy OR Rope Climbs

2. KB Goblet Reverse Lunge 32/24kg OR Sandbag Bear Hug Reverse Lunge

3. 45sec Max Cal Row/Bike/Ski

4. Rest

5. 60sec Plank


This a bit of a “choose you own adventure” kinda day – depending on equipment available and what you want to work on.

On stations 1 and 2, work on accumulating a consistent number of quality reps with you implement of choice.

Station 3 is a hard effort on your erg of choice. Use the same erg for whole workout and aim for the most total calories you can get across the 5 sets. This should generate a lactic stimulus if you are doing it right.

1min to rest, then 60sec to hold a plank while continuing to try getting your breath back. Enjoy!

Large class stagger starting groups by 1min increments. Must start on station 1 and work down.