CrossFit Geo – XFIT


200m Run/Row/Ski/Bike

2 rounds:

Downward Dog into Cobras


Pike Shoulder Taps

10 Scap Pull-ups


20mins for Quality/Skill practice

Alternating between A1 and A2


3-5min Handstand Hold Skill Progressions

(Alternatively, Bench Press 5×5 if not interested in HS skill)


3-10 Strict Pull Ups/Ring Rows + 10 Slow Banded Pull Aparts + 20 sec Hollow Hold


45deg Wall Facing HS Hold Vid

Low Bar HS Hold Progression Vid

Level 1) A) 10-30 sec 45degree Wall Facing Hand Stand Hold (Work toward Full Wall Facing HS Hold) + 10-30 Sec Seated Plate Overhead Hold

Level 2) A) Controlled kick to wall + 10-30 Sec HS Hold on wall

Level 3) A) Low Bar HS Hold Progression + 10-20 Leg Switches on wall

Level 4) A) Partner Spotted HS Hold B) Max Holds in 1/1m Box


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

On a 20min rolling clock

(5 rounds)

16 Single DB Snatch 22.5/15kg

8 Lateral Burpees Over the DB

Max cal Echo Bike till the 2min

Rest 2min

(Work HARD for 2 mins, rest for 2 mins) x 5


This is a straight-up conditioning piece. Low-skill movements means you can focus you attention on bringing intensity and stimulating your energy system development. Push hard on each round, but don’t go to your absolute max in the first 1-2 rounds as you want to avoid hitting a wall too early. Score is total cals, so aim for a fairly even spread of cals across the rounds. There should be some attrition, but try to keep it it no more than 5-10% drop-off each round.