CrossFit Geo – XFIT


2 rounds:

200m Run

1 Lunge Flow Per/side

10 KB Russian Swings

10 Air Squats with a pulse in bottom

10 Kip Swings


Teams of 3 or 2

AMRAP 30mins

250/225/200cal Echo Bike/Row/Ski

Whilst one is working on “Cals” this AMRAP is being completed:

AMRAP 30min

200m Run

50 Wall Balls

40 Deadlift 70/45kg

30 Bar Facing Burpees

25 Push Jerks 70/45kg

30 Bar Muscle Ups (Banded or jumping BMU, alternatively 30 Toe to Ring)

*One person works on the AMRAP while one person works through the cals on the Bike.

**If there is a third team mate, they may be resting. Share work anyhow.


Todays Workout has two scores.

One score for the time it takes to complete the cals, the other for total reps of AMRAP.

Once the cals are completed you can continue working together on the AMRAP until the 30min mark.