CrossFit Geo – XFIT

Warm Up

200m Run/Row/Ski/Bike

2x Thoracic Flow +Shoulder CARs

200m Run

2 Rounds

5-10 Scap Pull Ups

5-10 Push Ups

10/10 Single Leg Hip Lift

Move to Movement Specific Warm Up

Set Class up

3-5 Reps of all Movements at Full Load


Saturday Share Day (Time)


For total time “Pairs, Share Anyhow”

3 Rounds

400m Run *Together

35 Deadlift @100/70kg

1min Rest

3 Rounds

8 Rope Climbs > 30 Chest To Bar/PU/Jumping PU

30m HS Walk > 12 Wall Walks

1min Rest

3 Rounds

400m Run *Together

25 Hang Power Cleans 70/45kg

**Scale to loads you can maintain sets of 5-10 reps with good form and keep moving through the workout

Cap 40mins