CrossFit Geo – XFIT

Warm Up

200m Run/Row/Ski/Bike

2 rounds

4 Spiderman lunge with Thoracic Rotation

5-10 Push Ups

10 Empty Bar Romanian Deadlift

10 Muscle Clean

10 Full Girp slow tempo Front Squats

*Before starting the workout spend 10mins warming up to a moderate load of the complex.


Partner workout

Rolling clock 36mins

AMRAP 11mins (shared anyhow)

16 HSPU (Elite: 20 Strict HSPU)

20 CTB (Elite: 30 CTB)

30 Box Jump Over Step Down 24/20″ (Elite:30/24″)

Rest 2min

10min window

Find a heavy set of 2 Hang Power Clean from below knee

Rest 2min

AMRAP 11mins (shared anyhow)

16 Thruster 50/50kg (Elite: 60/40kg)

20 Power Clean

30/24 Cal Row/Bike/Ski


For Saturday’s partner workout, we have a three-part session.

Part 1 will consist of a triplet of gymnastics movements. Part 2 will involve a heavy clean complex.

Part 3 will feature a challenging barbell cycling workout mixed with erg conditioning.

For larger classes, you may opt to start half of the participants on Part 1 and the other half on Part 3, with everyone completing the lift together before swapping over to the opposite part.