CrossFit Geo – XFIT

Warm Up

200m Run/Row/Ski/Bike

2 rounds

4 Shin Box With forward lean

10/10 Single Leg Glute Bridge

10 each way Lateral band Walk

5 Barbell Goodmornings

5 Back Squats

Back Squat (In a 20min window, complete:
Warm up sets (6min)
Working sets (10-12min)
Pack up weights (1-2min))

Back Squat

1×8@same load as last week (should be roughly 8RPE. If you were super sore last week, reduce load)

1×10@5% less than set of 8

1×12@5% less than set of 10

1×14@5% less than set of 12

*Should be same loads as last week and adding one more rep per set.

**Next week we add a rep per set again. Please make sure to record weights each week.



For time:

800m Run Buy-in


6 rounds

7 HSPU (Scale to Deficit Push Ups or DB Push Press or Box HSPU)

5 Power Clean 60/40kg


800m Run Cash-out

Cap 18mins


For time:

1000m Row Buy-in


6 rounds

7 Strict HSPU

5 Power Clean 70/45kg


150ft HS Walk Cash-out

Cap 18mins


Today’s workout is a couplet of HSPU and Power Cleans, with a buy-in/cash-out run.

Approach the power cleans with either quick singles or 1-2 touch-and-go sets, depending on your HSPU capacity.

Most strategies should prioritize maintaining HSPU quality throughout the workout.

Scale HSPUs to deficit push-ups or dumbbell push presses as needed.

Control your pace during the first run to set up for the quickest splits across all six rounds.

However, during the cash-out run, push hard and give it your all, leaving nothing in the tank.