CrossFit Geo – XFIT

Warm Up

200m Run/Row/Ski/Bike

2 Rounds

8 Goblet Squats with a pulse at the bottom

1 Lunge Flow per side

8 Bird dog with 2sec pause on each rep

Include additional hip flexor stretches between warm-up sets.


In an 18min window complete following:

Front Squat

1×5 @70%1RM (8RPE)

1×5 @75%1RM (8RPE)

1×5 @80%1RM (8.5RPE)

1×5 @85%1RM (9RPE)

*Increase on all sets from last week. For those who haven’t been squatting consistently, work from RPE rather than percentages.



AMRAP 13min

3 rounds

15 TTB

9 Bar Facing Burpee

9 Power Clean 50/35kg


3 rounds

12 CTB

9 Bar Facing Burpee

9 Thruster 50/35kg


Set a breakdown strategy from the beginning to maintain consistent movement throughout the entire duration.

This could involve breaking up gymnastics movements early, opting for step-ups in burpees each round, and adopting smooth singles for Power Cleans or breaking thrusters into two sets.

The objective is to sustain a consistent average round pace, aiming for stability at least until the 9-11 minute mark.