CrossFit Geo – XFIT


200m Run/Row/Ski/Bike

2 Rounds 6 Kang Squats

6 Thoracic Rotations in a Squat

10 Bird Dog

Spend 1-2mins Opening front rack with empty bar, include a few full grip front squats


In a 16min window complete following

Front Squat

1×2 @85% of last Mondays top set Looking for about 8RPE

No set of 3 this week

*Aim to lift every 2mins through the 16min window finishing at 8RPE. We will be testing on Friday so finish with perfect form leaving a little in the tank.




For time: 600m Row/Ski (or run)


4 rounds:

16 Sit Ups

8 Push Press @light-moderate into

600m Row/Ski (or run)


For time: 600m Row/Ski (or run)


4 rounds:

16 TTB

8 Shoulder to Overhead 60/40kg into

600m Row/Ski (or run)


For time: 600m Ski (or run)


4 rounds:

20 TTB

10 Shoulder to Overhead 70/45kg


600m Ski (or run)

Cap 16mins

Notes: Babell and gymnastics sandwiched between two erg efforts. For the first erg effort, hold a fairly comfortable pace so the heart rate does not get too high to move efficiently through the TTB and S2OH. Most people should probably aim to complete the TTB in at least 2-3 sets per round. Try and hold on unbroken for the S2OH if you can, or at least minimise how many times you have to expend energy to dump it and pick it back up again. Finish strong on the erg effort at the end.