CrossFit Geo – XFIT

Warm Up

2 rounds

200m Run/Row/Ski/Bike

10m Travelling lunge with twist toward forward knee

10m Hamstring Sweep

5 Inch Worms with a Push up

Coach led Barbell warm up

5 Hang Muscle Clean + Push Press

5 Power Clean + Push Jerk


On the 90sec for 10:30 (6 sets)

Power Clean Push Jerk


*Start at around 70%1RM and build to mod-heavy



AMRAP 15min

15/12cal Row (Bike/Ski or 200m Run)

9 Thrusters 50/35kg

9 CTB (Advanced 5 Ring Muscle Up)


For today’s workout, choose a weight for the thruster that you can complete unbroken for most rounds of this 15-minute AMRAP. Ensure smooth and quick transitions between exercises, with the rowing segment utilized for heart rate recovery.