CrossFit Geo – XFIT

Warm Up

200m Run/Row/Ski/Bike

2 Rounds

20sec Dead hang or Eagle Hang

10 Poggo Jumps

6/6 Half kneeling plate overhead side bends

5 Muscle Clean + Front Squat

5 strict press in Split Jerk receiving position


18min window to warm up and complete:

On the 2:30 for 12:30

40 Double Unders or 10/8 Cal Bike/RowSki

1 Clean and Jerk

Start at 75% of 1RM CJ, and increase load each round, working up to heavy

*For novice lifters, work with light loads and perform 3 light-moderate CJ instead of singles, to practice technique



For time:

18 CTB

9 Squat Cleans 60/40kg

24 CTB

15 Squat Cleans

30 CTB

21 Squat Cleans

Cap 12mins


For time:

3 Rope Climbs 15ft*

9 Squat Cleans

5 Rope Climbs*

15 Squat Cleans

7 Rope Climbs*

21 Squat Cleans


Cap 15mins

*If you don’t have a Rope, do Bar Muscle Ups 9-15-21 (Elite) or 9-12-15 (Advanced)


This workout is a classic combination of gymnastics and weightlifting.

Focus on leveraging your strengths and effectively managing fatigue where necessary.

Stronger athletes might opt for touch-and-go reps in weightlifting but break up the gymnastic elements.

Alternatively, some may prefer quick singles with larger sets on chest-to-bar (CTB) pull-ups.

For those at an Advanced/Elite level, we’ve incorporated high-density rope climbs.

If an athlete aims to complete rope climbs but finds the overall volume too challenging, consider scaling the reps to just 2 or 3 per set.