CrossFit Geo – XFIT

Warm Up

1-2min Bike/Row

2 Rounds

4 Thoracic Bridge

2 Strict Press

2 Strict Press in Catch position of Push Jerk

2 Strict Press in Split Jerk position

*Pause over head on each rep


Jerk Series (Weight)

Jerk Series
On the 90sec for 18min

Sets 1-3: 5-4-3 Strict Press
Sets 4-6: 5-4-3 Push Press
Sets 7-9: 3-2-1 Push Jerk
Sets 10-12: 1-1-1 Split Jerk

*Take from rack. Start at approx 75% 1RM Strict Press and gradually increase load through the series. Goal is for the last set of each exercise to be at 8RPE. Record Split Jerk weight


CrossFit Open 21.1 (Time)


Wall Walks


Double Unders

15min cap