CrossFit Geo – XFIT

Warm Up

2 rounds

200m Run/Row/Ski/Bike

1-2 Lunge Flow per side

10/10 Single Lge Hip Lift

(Spiderman. lunge with thoracic rotation)

5 Muscle Clean + Front Squat

5 strict press in Split Jerk receiving position


Clean and Jerk

On the 2min for 12min (6 sets)

5 Burpee Over Bar

1 Clean and Jerk

*Start at approximately 75% of your 1RM and look to increase every 1-2 sets if moving well.

Ideally this is completed as a squat clean & split jerk.

Advanced athletes should be look to start at 75% and finish at 95+% (slightly greater than last week)

Novice lifters: work with light loads and perform 2-3 light-moderate Power Clean and Jerks each set to work on technique



4 rounds for time:

400m Run

15 *Deficit Push Ups on plate (15/10kg)

5 Hang Power Cleans 70/45kg

16min cap

*Chest must touch the floor for every rep. If you are unable to do this then scale to normal push ups.


4 rounds for time:

400m run

15 *Kipping Ring Dips

5 Hang Power Cleans 90/60kg

16min cap

*Bicep/Shoulder must touch the ring at the bottom and reach full extension of elbows at top.


Today’s workout features a fun yet classic combination of running, gymnastics, and barbell exercises.

When performing gymnastic movements, aim to maintain a good standard for all reps.

Ensure your chest touches the floor during deficit push-ups and break up reps before losing this ability.

For the barbell load, choose a weight that begins to challenge you to maintain unbroken reps.