Our regular programming revolves around the CrossFit methodology, whereby athletes are prescribed “constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement.” No aspect of functional movement is more important than their capacity to move large loads over long distances, and to do so quickly.

This involves challenging the body to adapt to stimulus through:

Gymnastics skills


Metabolic Conditioning

Young Guns

Young Guns is a modified version of CrossFit for our younger members aged between 8-15.

Depending on age, our YG are taught the foundations of functional movement, learn to move their bodies, understand control and develop proper technique for all the movements.


Talon is a session for those who are prepared to come in and throw down in workouts that are a level up from those that are on offer in our CrossFit regular classes. Everything can be scaled, just like a regular class.

Coaching is limited as our coach jumps into the class with you! The coach will provide movement cues and strategies for how to attack workouts before the workout starts, however in depth coaching is not provided during the session.

Open Gym

There is no coach-led workout during open gym times. It’s time to put in extra time to become the best version of yourself.

Members have the opportunity to work on a weakness, do the workout of the day or work on individual programming provided by one of our coaches.

Come and JOin us

We’ll help you become the best version of yourself. Send an enquiry and one of our friendly team members will be in touch.