WORKOUT OF THE DAY STRENGTH 3RM Deadlift Test – 20 mins to build up CONDITIONING Bodyweight WOD 7 minute AMRAP 5 HSPU 20m Bear Crawl 15 Jumping Squats 10 V-Ups MOBILITY 5 Jefferson Curls to loosen up (end of session)  


  WORKOUT OF THE DAY STRENGTH Work up to a weighted 3RM Strict Pull-up ***If you cannot do strict pull-ups, work with a band or do ring rows and perform 4 x 10 in a controlled fashion METCON 5 x 20 cal Rows ***start slow and work up to 90% of max speed for theContinue reading “PULLING POWER”

Gymnastics Buffet

WORKOUT OF THE DAY METCON 12 Pistols 12 Toes to Bar 30 Double Unders 3 Bar Muscle Ups 45 sec Plank STRENGTH Weigted Squat Jumps (back rack) 5-5-5-5


WORKOUT OF THE DAY STRENGTH 20 mins for 5 Front Squats with a 3 sec pause at the bottom METCON In pairs, perform 6 rounds for time of: 15 Hand Release Push-ups 15 Box Jumps 200m Run ***alternate complete rounds to do 3 each