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2020 – where to from here for GEO?

I am not stating anything ground breaking when I say that 2020 has been a real doozy of a year! For many, it has been a year that could very easily be rocketed off to a black hole somewhere in the universe, never to return again to our reality.

I like to view it through a different lens. For me, 2020 has forced me to stop and examine what I am doing; to reflect, do a stocktake on my life, and make changes for the better.

Old habits, actions and “baggage” that didn’t serve me have been cast off. Things that I have procrastinated about doing, have been started. There is still more to be done in the context of both, but it’s a process.

And the same goes for GEO.

When it comes to the gym…..your Box…..your second home (for some), we have been through a lot and many changes have been made.

GEO has evolved.

We have closed down and reopened again; we have run online classes and park classes; the Coaches have pivoted through different methods of coaching; we have moved the rig and reorganised the gym floor; we have put on extra classes (4pm); we have reintroduced Talon and the Young Guns; we have reduced class size and increased class size; we have initiated strict cleaning protocols; we have introduced a heap of new people to the GEO community; we are running warm-ups outside; we have improved our programming; we have a podcast now, and the list goes on……

What other changes are coming GEO’s way?

We want to grow our community – introduce more people to this very special thing we have going.

Competitions are bound to start again, so we will look at doing some competition specific classes, and then get out there and show everyone what GEO members can do.

We want to get our Teens classes up and running again because there is a gap there between our Young Guns and our regular members.

We desperately want to start hosting big social events again so that you can all get to know each other better, and forge new friendships.

We want to travel again and do some charity work overseas.

We want to get you out of the gym to explore new challenges and activities.

And the physical gym will continue to transform into something better.

There’s lots to come. It is exciting to know that we have not reached our potential yet. Stay with us on the journey.

GEO will continue to GROW, EXPLORE and OVERCOME.





2 rounds of:

30sec Deep Squat

10 Hip Swings



5 rounds with a 1:1 rest of:

1 min Wall Sit with lightweight

20 Goblet Squats with weight

10 Russian KBS


3 rounds of:

10 Sumo Deadlifts

10 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

10 Ground to Overhead with KB/DB


For time:


Lemon Squeezes

Russian Twists


Hollow Hold


Optional Accessories

4 sets of:

10 Single-leg RDL each leg

10 Seated Hip int/ext Rotations


Today’s workouts will be streamed live at 6.00am, 7.00am, 9.30am, 12.00pm (ZUU), 4.00pm, 5.30pm and 7.00pm



2 rounds of:

30sec Deep Squat

10 Hip Swings


2 rounds of:

10 Frogs

3 Straight-arm Burpees

5 Push-ups



3 sets of:

10sec on, 20sec off

Back to Wall Handstand Hold


4 sets of:

1 Wall Climb + 20sec Wall Facing Handstand Hold + 5 Hollow Body Push-ups

90sec rest after each set


3 sets of:

20sec Hollow Hold

10 V-ups

12 Lemon Squeezes

1 min rest after each set


3 sets of:

15 Arnold Presses on each arm


3 sets of:

15 3-Point Row on each arm



3 sets of:

10 Cuban Press (ideally with 2 DB. If only 1 available, 10 each arm)


3 sets of:

10 External Rotations off knee, each side

A smorgasbord of classes today!

Today’s classes will be streamed live on Zoom at 7.00am, 9.30am, 3.00pm (barbell), 4.00pm, 4.15pm (Young Guns), 5.30pm and 7.00pm.

Use 299-070-3919 for all classes except Young Guns, use 294-809-2895



2 rounds of:

30sec Deep Squat

10 Hip Swings


2 rounds of:

30sec Side plank each side

20 Leg Swings each leg



3 sets of:

10 Split Squats each leg 5-30kg

12 Good Mornings 5-40kg

*If only lightweight or no weight available, add in a 4sec lowering (eccentric) for each rep


3 sets of:

5 Cossack Squats each leg with a 2sec pause at the bottom of each rep

10 Lateral Leg Swings each leg



For time:


Hamstring Bridges (feet on couch)

Lunges (stepping forward)

Deadlifts @5-60kg 

*If only lightweight available or less than 20kg, double reps to 60-40-20




2 rounds of:

30s deep squat

30s side plank each side

10 Arrested Supermen reps

10 leg swings each leg


2 rounds (empty bar) of:

10 front rack lunges

10 tall snatch grip high pulls

10 BTN snatch grip press

9 minute EMOM

1) 20s bottom of overhead squat hold

2) 7 high hang power snatches

3) 5 high hang snatches

Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes

2 snatch high pull + 2 full Snatch + 2 OHS, building weight over sets

(If only light weight available):

4 Snatch high pull, 4 full snatch, 4 drop snatch, 4 OHS

2 options:

1) “I don’t have much weight”

8 sets

10 OH Lunges (forward stepping)5 Sets

5 close grip overhead squats

Tempo: 3300

1 minute rest/set

5 sets

10 back squat jumps

1 minute rest/set

2) “I can load up”

Overhead Squat

Back squat

20 reps @60%

3 minute rest

20 reps @55%

2 minute rest

20 reps @50%

1 minute rest

20 reps @40%

2 minute rest/set




2 rounds of:

20 sec Deep Squat

10 Bird Dogs

10 Thread the Needle each side

2 rounds of:

15 Butterfly Hip Raises

20 sec Hollow Rock

10 Kick Throughs



“The 50s”

50 KB deadlifts

50 Tuck Jumps/Jumps on to object (ledge couch stairs etc)

50 Russian KBS

50 Goblet squats

50 Diamond Push-ups/Dips off couch

50 Goblet Squats

50 Russian KBS

50 Tuck Jumps/Jumps onto object

50 KB Deadlifts


Movement cool down

3 rounds of:

10 Scorpions

5 Half Hindus

15 Frogs


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