CrossFit – this is our group session where everyone performs the same WOD/s.  We begin the session with a warm-up, followed by everyone being coached in the movements/techniques featured in the WOD/s.  We then all do the WOD/s together and wrap things up with a stretch.  The session goes for 1 hour.  All movements are scaleable and can be modified if necessary so that all levels of fitness are catered for.

Intro Class – we offer FREE Intro sessions every Saturday at 7am to those who have never CrossFitted before or have very limited experience with it. Our coaches will take the time to find out about your exercise and health history, and your goals. CrossFit will be explained to you and any questions will be answered.  You will then be taken through a warm-up, coached in some fundamental movements, and put through a basic CrossFit WOD, finally finishing with a stretch session.

ATTENDANCE AT INTRO CLASSES NEEDS TO BE PREARRANGED VIA EMAIL OR PHONE. If after the Intro session you would like to train with us, then we offer our  3  x Private sessions (Basics) with one of our coaches to learn the fundamentals.  This will set you up to transition into our regular sessions.

Olympic Lifting – We run dedicated Olympic Lifting class on Thursday nights.  A block of 3-4 weeks are devoted to either the Snatch or the Clean and Jerk with progressions and a focus on technique.   This is open to all members of all experience levels and is included in your monthly membership.

The “Basics” – If you have not CrossFitted before it is mandatory to book into The “Basics” program before you can join the regular classes..  It is comprised of 3 x 1 hour sessions at a time that suits you with one of our Coaches who will run you through everything you need to know to get started in our regular CrossFit classes.

Personal Training –  is available to those who do not want to train in a group environment but would rather work one-on-one with a coach to attain specific goals.

Open Gym – a time when members can come into the Box and work on their weaknesses, perform missed WOD’s or just hang out.  Basically, you can do your own thing……as long as it’s safe.

Saturday 9am class – We use this time slot to focus on different skills or styles of training, which normally run for a period of 4 weeks.  For instance, we may spend 4 weeks on Gymnastics, then change the focus to 4 weeks of Strongman, so that you are introduced to new skills and can fine tune technique.

Corporate Bootcamp/Small Group Training – GEO actually started out as a provider of bootcamps to both corporate and private groups.  We have not let go of that.  Bootcamps and small group training session are a great way to bond with family, friends and colleagues in a setting and at a time that suits you.  Not only do yo get a great workout, but you also tend to have a lot more fun when yo are doing it with people you are comfortable with.  If you are interested in getting your own group together, contact us.  Number of participants with dictate the cost.  The more people you have, the cheaper it will be.

Young Guns Program – This is a program we created to introduce kids aged 8-15 years to CrossFit.  The Program is run during the school term and goes for 10 weeks.   Wednesdays are for our older kids (aged 10-15) and Thursdays are for our younger kids (aged 8-10).  We do not allow casual visits – kids must commit to the full term and the full term must be paid for before commencing.  Check for new term dates and registration on our Young Guns page.


Intro Sessions – FREE (1)

The “Basics” – $210 (2)

Unlimited CrossFit Sessions – $220 per month (Student and 2nd Family member Discount – $180 per month)(3)

10 Visit Pass – $250 (4)

Casual Sessions – $30 (5)

Private Coaching – $70 (6)

Yoga – $70 (7)

Corporate Bootcamp/Small Group Training (8)

Young Guns – $175 per term


(1) Intro sessions – FREE with no obligation to join.  

(2) The “Basics” – $210 for 3 x one hour sessions.  

(3) Unlimited Sessions – $220 per month (via direct debit with “Ezidebit”).  Includes all CrossFit sessions, Olympic Lifting classes, and Open Gym sessions.  It also includes Yoga and Sunday outdoor sessions when we run them in the warmer months.  You are not tied into a contract but we do insist on 7 days written notice for any cancellations or changes to your payment.  Student pricing is $18o per month. A second family member joining whilst the first one is still current will pay $180 per month.

(4) $250 10 Visit Pass (cash or bank transfer) has a 3 month expiry from day of purchase .  The 10 Visit Pass is on offer to those of you who have scheduling difficulties and may not be able to attend regular sessions when you first join.  It gives you an opportunity to see if it will fit into your schedule.  It is a one time only deal – you cannot continually buy 10 Visit Passes.  Once you use your 10 visits you will then be required to go onto a monthly payment plan (as above).

(5) Casual Visit – $30 cash only – for visiting CrossFitters only

(6) Private Coaching –  $70 per 1 hour session, or $650 for 10 sessions paid upfront, by appointment only.

(7) Yoga – 1-on-1 class $70 at the gym or your home

(8) Corporate Bootcamp/Small Group Training – Final numbers will dictate cost.  We are happy to travel to your location.  As a general rule, we charge the following:

$100 – 4 participants

$120 – 5 to 7 participants

$135 – 8 to 10 participants

$150 each – 11 to 15 participants

negotiable – more than 15

(9) Young Guns – $175 for 10 week program run during the school term.  

Terms & Conditions

* CANCELLATION POLICY – Cancellation of monthly payments requires one week’s (7 days) written notice.  Cancellations made within this one week period will incur the full cost of the monthly membership.  All requests should be made via email. 

Same day cancellations of personal coaching sessions will incur the full cost of that session.

** REFUNDS – Once payments are made, there are no refunds.  

*** PLACING MEMBERSHIP ON HOLD – Monthly payments can be put on hold for a minimum period of two weeks (14 days) or more.  All requests should be made via email.

**** MEMBERSHIPS ARE NON-TRANSFERABLE.  If you decide CrossFit is not for you, you cannot transfer the balance of your membership to another individual.

 Bank Account Details (for payments made via bank transfer)

CrossFit Geo

BSB 032-184

AC 288-542

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  1. Hello I’m new to CrossFit and was wondering if this is for all levels of fitness?

    I’m 94kg and not done any fitness for a while due to shift working.

    Thanks Gemma


    • Hi Gemma, how are you? My apologies on the very late reply – I only just saw this message.

      In answer to your question, yes, CrossFit is for anyone. We scale and modify workouts accordingly so that you are always working at your own level. To find out more, please email me at or feel free to call on
      0488 588 252. CHeers,



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