Part of the mantra of GEO is to “EXPLORE”.  Through exploration we discover new things about ourselves and the world around us, and we grow as individuals.

We Explore our own potential through the training we do in the Box;
We Explore new activities by having Coaches of other sports and disciplines come to GEO and share their knowledge;
We Explore nature by taking to the outdoors to train, hike, paddle board, swim…..
We Explore the world by organising trips abroad, that not only have a physical challenge component attached to it, but also a mentally stimulating, and often a humanitarian effort involved as well.

On this page you can keep up to date with all of the events and activities that are not a part of our normal training schedule, and hopefully draw some inspiration to expand your own circle of existence.


  • Saturday 8 July – GEO Mid-Year Party 13882587_1153499424712472_7349370385920760798_n

Last year’s mid-year party was our best and biggest yet with a black and white fancy dress theme, DJ, a pig on the spit and way too much to drink.  This year will be better still.  Stay tuned.

  • 12 to 27 August – Safari through the Serengeti and trek to Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania images

It is locked in.  15 members from GEO will be heading over to the African continent in August to safari through the Serengeti, climb Mt Kilimanjaro and take part in some volunteer humanitarian work with the local communities.

  • Sunday 26 November – Annual GEO Xmas Picnic

As in past years we will get the community together plus families to have a relaxed and chilled get together at a local park, with plenty of food and drink.


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