It’s always nice to get a warm reception at the tail-end of a WOD.

Taking that first step is the hardest thing to do.  We realise this (we have all been there) and that is why we do our best to make you feel welcome and comfortable.  Regardless of if you are a seasoned athlete or an absolute novice with no training experience at all, it can be a daunting prospect to start working out in a new gym with people you don’t know.  You will be looked after at GEO.

When it comes to training, our focus is on ensuring you learn at a pace that is appropriate for you and that you are training safely with a view to constant improvement.

There are two ways you can start training with us.

If you have previous CrossFit experience (and I don’t mean you did one class while travelling overseas or a bootcamp that does workouts similar to CrossFit) you can jump straight into a class and join up.

Alternatively, if you do not have previous CrossFit experience, then you will need to complete our 3 sessions “Basics” Program first.

The “Basics” Program

The “Basics” Program is mandatory for anyone who has no CrossFit training experience. Why?  Because we want to set you up for success.  We want you to progress and improve, and also avoid injury.  Whilst all of our regular classes are coached (you will be shown techniques and how to improve them), we need you to have some understanding of what is being taught.

Just to put it out there, F45 is not the same as CrossFit, nor is lifting weights with your mates at the gym.  I say this is because we have had many members join GEO who came with that training background and were extremely grateful that they did the Basics Program first.  If you know how to do a Snatch, a Clean and Jerk, and a kipping Pull-up, then we can talk about you not doing the Basics Program.

The program is comprised of 3 x 1 hour sessions of one-on-one coaching at a time that suits you.  We start you with basic movements like squatting, push-ups and pull-ups, and gradually increase the complexity of them as you progress through the 3 sessions.  If we find that there are movements you cannot do, then we scale or modify them with a view to getting you there eventually.

By the time you have completed your 3 sessions you will have a basic understanding of the fundamentals of CrossFit training and this will allow you to easily transition into our regular classes.

Cost – for one person $210 (3 sessions) paid upfront. 

Cost – for two people doing the sessions together – $360 (3 sessions) paid upfront

Prior CrossFit Experience

If you have trained previously at another Box and feel confident and comfortable performing basic gymnastics movements (i.e. pull-ups, dips), Power lifts and Olympic lifts (clean and jerk, snatch, deadlift, squat) then you can jump straight into a regular class.

Call Adam on 0488 588 252 to discuss.

***Please note, we do not offer free trials.  Just like if you went to a new cafe, you would not expect a free coffee, please do not ask for a free trial.  If you want to try a class before committing to membership, the cost is $25.

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