is a fitness program designed specifically for kids aged 8-15 years.

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions limiting numbers in the gym, we are running our classes at Westminster Park, Gladesville, during which time the kids will lift, run, jump, crawl, and basically do what their bodies and minds were designed to do.

The program runs for 10 weeks, in sync with the school term.  The kids attend Westminster Park from 4.15pm to 5.00pm on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, and are coached by qualified coaches who will teach the kids how to move their bodies and control external loads such as medicine balls and kettlebells.

The kids are progressed to heavier weight and more complex movements only once they have proven themselves capable.  Proper technique and control is always the focus of our coaching.

The cost for the program is $250 for the 10-week term which includes two classes a week, or $150 for the 10-week term for one class per week.

For more information, contact Adam on 0488 588 252 or

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