Wednesday 7 February and will run until Thursday 12 April 2018  for a 10 week term

Time – 4:15pm to 5:15pm

Kids can attend both Wednesdays and Thursdays

Cost: $150 for one class per week

           $200 for two classes per week

You have the opportunity to give your kids a massive head start on the sporting field, but more importantly, in life. Imagine where you would be now if you had discovered a fitness program when you were a child that taught you gymnastics and weight bearing exercises, but also instilled in you a sense of confidence and an attitude of never giving up?

GEO’s “Young Guns” Program has been designed to teach your kids how to move properly, to develop strength, speed and power, to improve coordination and body awareness, and embrace discipline and challenge.

Our 10 week term of training will teach your son/daughter a carefully programmed progression of movements and exercises that will see them not only improve their overall fitness, but also strengthen the mind.  The priority of the program is to have your child moving safely and efficiently.  Only then will they be given the opportunity to progress to more complex movements and continue their journey.

Our face to face sessions run every Wednesday and Thursday from 4.15pm to 5.15pm at CrossFit GEO during the school term (see dates above). This is when your child will be coached and guided, and have access to our fully equipped gym.

The program is open to both boys and girls aged 10-15 years*.

The sky is the limit.  Your child may just want general fitness or they may want elite level support to supplement their sporting endeavours.  We will cater to both.

The beauty of starting this type of training at a young age is that your kids are like sponges.  They will soak this stuff up so much quicker than an adult will and their potential is unlimited.

Invest in your child’s future.

Contact Adam on 0488 588 252 or email to learn more.

Spots are limited!

*The 10-15 year old age bracket was decided upon based on the general maturity and development of kids that age to ensure they were all moving forward together.  We will consider kids slightly younger on a trial basis to ensure they can progress accordingly and not hold back the rest of the class.  In instances where a child does attend training, but is later found to be unsuitable, you will be refunded the unused portion of your payment.



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