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“an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change”

“the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.”

“the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or significant sources of stress.”

With the easing of isolation restrictions this past week, it has been awesome to be able to offer outdoor group training and get the gang back together again.  On Wednesday we had a great turnout, and the feedback from those who attended has been really positive.

Obviously, the park sessions are something new and shiny after being confined to our homes for the last couple of months, and I know many of you are chomping at the bit to get involved.

What I would ask is that regardless of the weather, if you have reserved a spot, you show up and give it your all.  I say this only because I have been watching the weather forecast all week and, as you likely already know, it is meant to rain tomorrow.  I am worried that there may be one or two people who do not show up.

Under normal circumstances, this is not a major issue because we have never operated on a “reservation’ system before.  However, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we are only allowed to have 9 people attend each outdoor class, which means it is highly likely that someone will miss out.

Can I please ask that you treat less than optimal weather conditions as an opportunity to work on your physical and mental resilience.

This COVID-19 crisis has certainly tested our resilience.  It has thrown us into uncomfortable and stressful situations and forced us to deal with it.

One of the things we coaches admire and respect about you (the GEO members), is how day after day, week after week, you throw yourselves into an hour of suffering and discomfort at the gym to not only achieve greater fitness, but also mental resilience.  If you weren’t resilient, you would not come back.

The gym is, in a sense, a controlled environment.  You get to workout on a smooth, flat and dry surface.  Whilst we don’t have air conditioning or heating, the temperature inside the gym is pretty comfortable all year round.  There are toilets nearby.  A secure area to leave your belongings.  There’s a fridge to put your drinks and snacks in.  And you get to listen to some loud tunes while you push hard.

The park…..well, you are subject to the elements.  Along with the programming from the Coaches, Mother Nature dictates how uncomfortable you get.

We have no control over the weather, the temperature, the dryness of the ground, or the slipperiness of the surface.

What we can control is the programming we throw your way, and our commitment to show up, regardless of the conditions.

The Coaches have committed to running the park sessions rain, hail or shine.

If you do not want to get wet, wear a raincoat.  If you do not want to get cold, wear a jumper. If you do not want to do burpees on the wet grass, bring a towel or a tarp.

I guess what I am really saying is, embrace the discomfort.

Removing yourself from your comfort zone is good for the soul.  Just like you challenge yourself with your workouts in the gym, subjecting yourself to the elements and making yourself uncomfortable outdoors, creates resilience and forges an indomitable spirit.

So tomorrow, when you wake up and see that it is wet, and cold, and windy; get up, throw on your workout gear, and get yourself down to the park to put everything into the workout the way you would if you were in the gym.

Be resilient!  When you look out your window tomorrow and see it raining, say to yourself “Good!”

Ex-Navy Seal Jocko WIllink talks about the mindset of seeing challenges and misfortune as an opportunity to learn and grow. 

A group of UK celebrities are put through a compressed version of the UK’s SAS induction course.  This episode sees the particpants test their resilience.


Hey guys,

Myself and Mark Uren will be running a “Running Workshop” (excuse the pun) today at 2pm down on the beautiful Bedlam Bay Oval adjacent to Gladesville Hospital.

Mark will lend his many years of running experience to us and give away some valuable drills and skills to improve your running.  Last time he ran this workshop the feedback was extremely positive from all who attended, and from that, Mark was asked to present it to the members of CrossFit Zelos at Penrith.

If you want to learn how to improve your running style so that you last longer without becoming fatigued, then this workshop is for you.  I would definitely come along.

At the completion of the workshop we will break off into teams and put our newfound skills into practice by doing a mini “Amazing Race” around the hospital grounds.  There will be a few checkpoints hidden around the grounds which you will need to navigate to with your team.  It won’t be anything too serious or hardcore – just a chance to go for a nice easy run and have some fun.

This event is open to anyone, including kids.  The cost is $15 for GEO members and $20 for non-GEO members.

All you need to bring are running shoes and a stopwatch (watch or phone).

Bedlam Bay Oval is accessed via Punt Road, Gladesville.  You need to drive into the Gladesville Hospital grounds and follow thr road around to the left.  You will will eventually see the oval down by the river.

Call me on 0488 588 252 or email if you want more details.

– Adam



Today I woke up and had a real hankering for a bacon and egg roll.  Not just any bacon and egg roll, but one with free range eggs, tomato chutney, good quality bacon, on a brioche bun.  Sounds good right.

When I arrived at my local cafe, mouth salivating from the thought of what was to come, I thought about the upcoming two day competition I’ll be participating in tomorrow. I thought about how I am not quite feeling up to speed after returning from a 6 week trip to Africa.  I thought about how brutal and challenging this competition is (I’ve done it a number of times before) and how I am going to be taxing my body for two days straight. I thought about how at 45 years of age my body does not recover as fast nor does it handle as easily one day of competition, let alone two. I thought about how next Thursday I  have to fly up to Queensland and take part in another two day comp for the Masters League State of Origin.  Then I thought about whether or not I would be better served by a meal that, whilst comprised of some good quality products, is still a bacon and egg roll with minimal nutrient density, or should I have a meal that is packed full of nutrition to prepare my body for the onslaught to come.

So I set aside my craving for a bacon and egg roll and instead had mushrooms (4 types), silverbeet, poached eggs, shaved parmesan, and roasted seeds on wholemeal sourdough toast. The meal was delicious and I know I made the right choice…….for me.


And the winner of the inaugural GEO “Battle of the Ages” is………..





After many hours of number crunching using my old human brain (forgive me if there are a few errors), the leaderboard for Friday night’s Battle of the Ages comp has been finalised.

Here’s how it was scored –

For the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk workouts, each member had to go for a max lift.  Each person’s age was then added to their max lift to arrive at their score for each of those workouts respectively.  If you lifted 100kg and you were aged 30, then your score for that workout was 130kg.

Each team’s member’s scores were then added together to get a team total.  So that we could compare apples with apples, because some teams had 4 members while others had 5, the average lift per team was calculated based on the number of members they had.  If a team had 5 members, then their total score was divided by 5.  And likewise, if a team had 4 members, their total score was divided by 4.

Each team was then awarded a ranking from 1 to 11, with 1 being the heaviest average team lift and 11 being the lightest average team lift.  For the other 3 workouts which were based on time to complete, teams were also awarded a ranking from 1 to 11, with 1 being the fastest and 11 being the slowest.

These rankings were then added together, much the same way as the leaderboard is calculated for the CrossFit Games Open, where the team with the lowest score wins.

The leaderboard below contains each team’s scores and rankings.  1st, 2nd, and 3rd place went to 3 of the “old farts” teams.  Congratulations!

Whilst the focus of this comp was all about having fun, I know there were some serious lifts on Friday night and some people hit PR’s.  Well done. It was great to see the community turn out in force, and really embrace the philosophy of mixing it up, meeting new people, and making new friends.

We hope you all enjoyed yourselves and had a great night.  We raised just over $500 for our Africa Charity Fund which will be put to good use.

Thank you to all who helped out to get things ready, especially Johanna, for running around and getting food, drinks and supplies, and a special mention to Nick Gaul and Hanne for looking after he barbie.  Thank you also for helping to tidy up afterwards.

***NOTE:  Please direct all appeals on scoring to the “Battle of the Ages” Appeals Tribunal, by writing a 2000 word essay explaining your concerns and sending via a Raven.



Hello competitive exercisers,

Have you ever been out of Breath during a WOD?  Stupid question right.  Of course you have.  If you haven’t, then you are an X-man.  Being out of Breath, or hard of Breathing is one of those stimuli that we expect to experience during a workout.  It is uncomfortable and not very pleasant. It is an indicator that we are working at an intense level, that the body is burning through oxygen and that energy processes are taking place inside our body to fuel our work capacity.  Being out of Breath slows us down, or causes us to stop.

Outside of workouts, (for most of us) Breathing is something we take for granted and don’t really think about. Just like the beating of our heart, digestion, and body temperature, Breathing is regulated by the Autonomic Nervous System – it happens automatically without a person’s conscious effort.

But what if I told you that through different Breathing techniques, you could control things like body temperature, hormone levels in your body, stress and relaxation states, even your health.  What if you could increase the amount of oxygen in your body to promote more optimal conditions for your organs, muscles, even cells to function in.

It is possible.

I have known the power of Breathing for many years but I will be the first to admit, I have let it fall by the wayside.  Through meditation, Yoga, and martial arts, I have come across many different iterations of a conscious Breathing practice and they have all come down to one thing – Mindfulness.

As many of you know, Johanna is a Yoga Teacher and her practice has always focussed on the Breath.  Through a mindful practice, where the EGO is not in control, and where you move with your Breath, great results for the mind, body and spirit can be attained.

Through mindful Breathing we can create stability, improve flexibility, engage in a flow state, and calm the mind.  Breath can create stillness – a moment in time when nothing else matters but the simple act of Breathing in…….and Breathing out.

I have experienced many occasions through Yoga and Breathing an almost mystical state of calm and openness; where the stresses of daily life were inconsequential; where perspective was gained on what really matters; and where the mind and body were reset to continue on my day.

A “conscious” or mindful practice of Breathing is important for us all.

We all lead busy lives and with social media, it feels like we are forever connected to the outside world. It is always Go, Go, Go!  We have work, kids, pets, TV, Facebook, housework, meeting friends, driving in cars, catching the train, deadlines to meet, etc etc etc……  Did you know there are 1440 minutes in a day? Do you think you could take 10, even 5 minutes out of that total to just switch off and reset?  If you really wanted to, you could.

Yoga is something we would like to reintroduce to you all in the near future to promote a balanced and holistic approach to your desire for wellness, happiness and fitness. In the meantime though, we are going to teach you something yo can do on your own, at home or work.

Next Tuesday night, during the “Talon” session, Liam is going to teach you guys a really simple Breathing technique that can have quite a profound and positive impact on your lives. I have mentioned it before and I know Liam has introduced some of you to the technique.  It is called the Wim Hof Method (WHM).  It was created by an old Dutch guy (who still lives today) named Wim Hof. There’s a really interesting back story to Wim Hof and his method which you can learn about here:

In a nutshell, you are going to do 3 rounds of inhaling fully and deeply, and exhaling comfortably, 30 times.  You are going to flood the body right down to the cells with oxygen.  After the 30th Breath you are going to stop Breathing (hold your Breath) for as long as you can.  The deliberate act of Breathing in fully fills your body with so much oxygen that you can stop Breathing……for far longer than you think you can, and the body will just carry on doing what it has to do.  During this process you will have increased the pH levels in your body – alkalized your body as opposed to making your body acidic which is a state that our modern day lifestyles promote (acidity in the body has been known to cause inflammation, which in turn has been the root of many illnesses and dysfunctions).  A consistent and continued practice of this method can make you healthier, and increase oxygen levels in your body, which for us as CrossFitters, is a really good thing.

There have been numerous research studies carried out on the Wim Hof Method to prove it’s validity and integrity.  But you know what, I have found that scientific studies can be manipulated to back up any claim (just look at the Climate Change Debate).  What I would say to you is, forget about what other people are saying – try it for yourself and make up your own mind.  Taking a small amount of time out of your day to just focus on your Breath can only be a good thing, even if it does not make you stronger, or prevent illness and disease.  It will give you a a window of time when all of the other stuff going on in your life just does not matter.  The only thing that matters is the Breath.

Come in next Tuesday night at 7.15pm to Breathe.  We will do this for about 30 minutes then hit a fun team workout afterwards.  Please do not be late.

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