WOD – Sunday 14 August 2011

REST DAY…….woo hoo! Enjoy the day with your family or firends.

For those of you who are doing the City2Surf today, best of luck. Go hard if you are out to do a good time. If you are just there to get involved and have a crack, enjoy the atmosphere and the experience.

Hope to see you in the Box for a WOD next week 🙂

CrossFit Geo is operational

After opening the doors of CrossFit Geo to the public on 1st August, 2011 we are finally getting the rest of it sorted – website, signs, t-shirts, marketing. It has been a tough slog but well worthwhile.

My goal is to create a real community with CrossFit Geo where we all support each other both in and outside of the Box.

Last week I was privileged to be a part of the InnerWest CrossFit Team at the CrossFit Never Quit Affiliate Competition at Prestons. The community Dave and Gemma have created at InnerWest is very much something I would like to emulate and that is going to come down to all of you who attend the Box.

So when you next come in, say hello to the new person and introduce yourself. CrossFit can be pretty intimidating if you are not welcomed into the Box with open arms and a supportive atmosphere.

We are all here to improve our lives and by helping, motivating and inspiring each other, everyone will reach their goals.

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