WOD – Saturday 27 August 2011

Partner Workout – 15 minute AMRAP

One team member does as many pull-ups as possible in the time it takes the other team member to run 200m with a 20/10kg sandbag.  When the runner returns, they will swap and repeat the process back and forth as many times as possible in 15 minutes.  Record your rounds and accumulated number of pull-ups.



CrossFit Geo open for 4 weeks and going strong

It has been about 4 weeks since we officially opened the doors of CrossFit Geo in Gladesville and things are looking good.  Existing members of GeoFit Health & Fitness Solutions took the bull by the horns and attended the Box for some rock solid workouts, and they in turn, threw down some rock solid performances.  Everyone’s training has ramped up and the results are there – increased strength, power, speed, better cardio and respiratory endurance, not to mention getting a handle on a whole heap of new exercise techniques and movements.  Well done guys.  You should all be proud.

We have also had some new members join our ranks and they have slid straight into the swing of things.  All have acknowledged that the CrossFit style of training is very different to what they were used to, but they are loving it.

I would personally like to thank everyone who has come into the Box and shed some sweat on the floor.  You all make CrossFit Geo what it is – a community of friendly, motivated and inspiring people all doing something positive for their lives.  Keep up the good work. Dig deep and go hard!

The  improvements in your health and fitness are there for the taking.


Adam Brown

A very proud CrossFit Box owner.

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