CrossFit Geo is now on the CrossFit mainsite



It has been a long time coming but the CrossFit Geo website is now on the CrossFit mainsite – This means the final step has now been taken to officially have our affiliate immersed into the worldwide CrossFit community.  As a Box owner, it is very exciting.

With one month down since opening, new members are joining our little tribe, and new friendships are being forged over the huffing and puffing of completing a WOD.  You may all come from different backgrounds, but once you hear 3,2,1 GO, everyone is put on a level playing field.  It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, or how much money you earn – everyone is going through the same mental, physical and emotional challenges to do their best and complete the task at hand.  From my perspective, it is beautiful to watch.

Keep up the amazing work.  Push yourself hard at the Box, and everything else that you encounter during your day will seem a whole lot easier.  Please spread the word.  Drag your family and friends along.  There is no reason why people you know should not also experience the benefits of CrossFit.

Take care,




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