CrossFit GEO is COVID Safe

CrossFit GEO is COVID safe.

The safety of our community has always been at the forefront of how we run GEO.

The new regulation that has been mandated to start tomorrow in all NSW gyms – that there be a dedicated staff member known as a Hygiene Marshall – is what we have been doing since GEO reopened back in June.

The role of the Hygiene Marshall/Coach, amongst other things, is to ensure physical distancing is observed in the gym; that equipment is kept clean; that good hygiene is made possible via hand sanitisers and access to soap and water; that the details of everyone who comes into the gym are recorded.

Members are encouraged to remain vigilant and help the Coaches (Hygiene Marshalls) keep GEO COVID safe by:

*not coming in if you are unwell

*by coughing/sneezing into your arm

*by social distancing (1.5m between you and another member)

*by using hand sanitiser upon arrival

*by signing into each class

*by ensuring your equipment is clean before and after use

*by not sharing equipment

*by remaining outside the gym while there is another class running, and by entering via the main garage door

*by exiting via the side door

To continue to be proactive in this current environment, Johanna and other members of GEO are meeting at the gym tomorrow at 10.30am to make face masks. We do not know if it will become compulsory to wear these, but we are preparing ourselves for that outcome. If you can spare an hour or two, please come in and lend a hand.


Work on getting your Hollow to Arch Swings on point again before diving straight back into Toes to Bar


We are into our second week of training since GEO reopened on Monday 15 June 2020 (that will go down as an auspicious date), and HOW GOOD IS IT!

What many of you are noticing, is that your enthusiasm and energy to train is perhaps at odds with where your body is at the moment. After 3 months of ISO-training that was far from the level you were hitting pre-COVID (and for some, that was zero training), you can expect that your fitness may have dropped a little; you are not as flexible as you were 3 months ago; and you are certainly not as strong as you used to be.

Don’t stress. Whilst it is not ideal, it is not a death sentence. Most of us are in that boat, myself included.

What you need to do is a self assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.

What improved over the Isolation period? Burpees, Russian Kettlebell Swings, Single-Leg and Arm Stability, Core Strength, basic Bodyweight stamina (squats, push-ups, sit-ups). If you were a regular in the Zoom sessions then these areas should be feeling sweet!

What fell off the wagon over that period? Strength, Olympic Lifting; high-skill Gymnastics; Conditioning using moderate to heavy weights or high skill movements.

Do not come into the gym expecting to be able to hit the workouts we have programmed with the same gusto and finesse that you did 3 months ago. Many of you will have to regress before you progress.

Yes, I know, it’s kick in the guts and a dent to the ego, but if you want to avoid injury (which can potentially put you out for weeks or months), and also improve your technique, may I suggest you put the ego aside and really focus on moving well. Move with the intention of doing the exercise properly, with full range, and correct line of travel.

The Coaches are very mindful of the predicament everyone is currently facing It is our job to make you fitter, stronger, and move better, and to do that, we may reign some of you in for your own benefit. Do not get upset. It’s our job. That is what you pay us for. Your best interests are at the forefront of our minds.

Be patient. Trust the process. Do that, and you will be back where you were before long, and, beyond.



A group of members from GEO travelled to Kenya and Tanzania where they built a “Ninja Warrior” playground for orphans.


You may be aware that there is a storm of controversy concerning CrossFit at the moment….or more specifically, the CrossFit founder and CEO, Greg Glassman.
He made certain comments recently which have been interpreted as tone-deaf and insensitive to the death of George Floyd and the topic of Racism, that has always existed but is under the spotlight at the moment.
Here’s where we stand.
First and foremost, we are GEO.
We are a community of diverse human beings who come together to make ourselves better. GEO is more than just about fitness. GEO is about bonding through a shared desire to challenge ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally. GEO breaks down barriers and creates connection.
People come to GEO for fitness. They stay for the community.
The CrossFit brand was the platform that we launched ourselves off, and we are forever grateful for the opportunities and experiences it has afforded us as owners, and the same for our members.
Despite our disappointment in Glassman’s comments, we still believe wholeheartedly in the training methodology and, ironically, the community philosophy it created.
We believe CrossFit is bigger than Glassman.
Glassman’s comments do not represent GEO.
We will watch and listen to all that is happening in the CrossFit world at the moment. We will speak to you all; and we will speak to others whose opinions we respect. Any changes we make will come from an informed decision.
Whatever happens, rest assured, we will continue to deliver high level programming and coaching to our members, along with a concerted effort to nurture our fantastic community.
2020 has been a testing year for us all. It has forced us to look at ourselves, adapt, and make changes.
This is another test.
GEO will continue to evolve, and the community will remain our priority.
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