Luke Fulham a.k.a “Bunnings”


Bunnings arrived at CrossFit GEO in late 2013 as a regular member, with a background in Rugby Union and high level Water Polo.  He was about 30kgs lighter and known for his speed and endurance. It wasn’t long though before he got bitten by the ‘lifting bug’.  

Olympic Weightlifting became his passion, and his sport of choice.

Whilst he is a very capable CrossFitter, he is an exceptional Lifter, and that has come from a laser-focussed commitment to training.  This has lead to multiple podium finishes at a State and National level.

But as well as getting bitten by the “lifting bug”, he also took a detour from his former plan to forge a career in Business and Accounting, to become a Strength and Conditioning Coach, such is his enthusiasm for the job.

Bunnings has become a huge and valuable resource to the GEO community.  His weightlifting knowledge is second to none, and his coaching ability ensures everyone gets something positive from an interaction with him.

Along with Diaz, Bunnings has taken charge of CrossFit GEO’s programming to design training for our members that is holistic, varied, and deliberate so that everyone sees continuous improvement in their fitness.

When he is not listening to strength and conditioning related podcasts or lifting really, really heavy stuff, Bunnings can be found at Day Clubs getting down to the tunes of Justin Bieber and Beyonce, and collecting vintage 1980’s soft drink cans.

Qualifications & Achievements – CrossFit Level 1 & 2 Cert; AWF Strength & Power Coach Level 1 & 2; MovNat Level 1 & 2 Cert; Hangstrong Gymnastics Seminar; Russian Weightlifting Training Camp 2017; 94kg State Champs 2nd place 2017; 94kg Nationals 3rd place 2017; 94kg State Champion 2018; 96kg Nationals 3rd place 2018; 96kg Arafua Games 4th place 2019; 102kg State Champion 2019; 102kg Nationals 2nd place 2019



Liam Ford a.k.a. “Diaz”

(Head Coach)

Diaz joined us at GEO back in 2016.  He came to us as an 18 year old straight out of school, full of enthusiasm, with a strong Rugby Union background, and limited at-home CrossFit experience.

From memory, his first session at GEO saw him perform a 120kg Power Clean.  What the?!

Diaz very quickly showed that CrossFit was what he wanted to dedicate himself to.  As an athlete, he excelled.  He worked hard at everything.  He embraced his weaknesses.  He trained outside of classes to get better.

This lead to him becoming GEO’s best all-round athlete, and also the achievement of multiple podium finishes in local and national CrossFit comps.

Along the way he expressed a desire to coach at GEO, and, just like Bunnings, has now directed his efforts to forging a career as a Strength and Conditioning Coach.

When it comes to technique, Diaz is flawless, and he passes this onto the GEO community when he coaches them.

On the rare occasion that Diaz is not at the gym, he is busy tracking down hard to find Pokemon trading cards and listening to Korean Boy Bands.

Qualifications and Achievements – CrossFit Level 1 Cert; Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise and Sports Science); Muscle Mechanics Workshop 2019; 2nd place National Major League CrossFit Comp; 2nd place TwoEleven Games Pairs 2019; 2nd place Mid-Mountains CrossFit Pairs Comp 2019; 2nd place Belly of the Beast Pairs Comp 2019; 3rd place CrossFit 565 Showdown in the Showground 2019; Odd Socks Weightlifting Comp heaviest of the day 125kg Snatch/160kg Clean & Jerk







Isabelle Paul a.k.a Izzy

Izzy is the newest and youngest member in the team but brings with her an absolute wealth of participatory experience in gymnastics as well as coaching experience (specifically with kids).  In recent times she has focussed her attention on Olympic Weight Lifting, and under the guidance of Coach Bunnings, has qualified to the Junior Nationals.

Her coaching experience with kids has actually enabled her to be a great coach with adults as she knows how to simplify things and use cues that everyone understands. She is a huge asset to our team and we are lucky to have her.

If she is not training, she is studying Physiotherapy and also roaming around the countryside looking for the rare and endangered yellow breasted Finch.

Qualifications & Achievements – Level 1 Sports Trainer, Women’s Gymnastics Intermediate Judge; Women’s Gymnastics Intermediate Coach; Clinical Exercise Physiology training; Third Year Physiotherapy student at ACU; competed in Womens Gymnastics and Acrobatic Gymnastics 2010-2018; 3rd overall 2018 Acrobatics Nationals; 1st overall Womens Gymnastics International Meet in Hawaii.

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