Adam Brown a.k.a “AB”

Adam is the owner and head coach at CrossFit GEO.  Adam’s passion for health and fitness started from an early age and continued throughout his life – surf lifesaving, swimming, athletics, rugby league, martial arts, adventure racing and indoor rock climbing.

With 15 years law enforcement experience, it became clear to Adam that good health, fitness and wellbeing were necessary to deal with the day to day challenges and stresses of his career, and to maintain a happy life outside of work.

Adam obtained his personal training qualification in 2006 and began training friends and family.  At that stage it was a way for him to share his knowledge and help those around him.  Through word of mouth though, demand for his services grew and Adam made a choice to devote more time and energy to training others.

In 2008 Adam discovered CrossFit which marked the beginning of his journey to learn more about it.  After obtaining his Level one CrossFit certification, Adam incorporated the training methodology into his personal training business – GeoFit health and fitness solutions.  This has now evolved into CrossFit GEO.  Adam has not looked back.  He uses CrossFit because it works.

With a passion for seeing people succeed, Adam provides an effective and motivating atmosphere.  Adam seeks to provide a community of supportive individuals who all help each other to improve their lives.  And hopefully, through his desire to learn and try new things, he can inspire others to do the same.

Adam took up Surfing at the tender age of 44, and also competed in “Australian Ninja Warrior” in season 1 and 2.  He believes you are never too old to try something new.

Adam lives in Putney with his wife Johanna and their two dogs – Conan and Roxy. In his free time Adam enjoys knitting, scrap booking and watching reruns of Beverly Hills 90210. He also likes travelling, hiking, cooking, eating, reading and of course, training.

Johanna Brown a.k.a “JB”

Johanna is the co-owner of CrossFit GEO, wife of Adam and Director of War & Finance. Johanna has always been an active person – a self proclaimed tomboy as a child who preferred to climb trees than play with dolls.  She loves the outdoors, camping and hiking. In her adult life she discovered a passion for Yoga and has since undertaken numerous yoga courses and now teaches at a number of studios, including CrossFit GEO.  Johanna has also studied Naturopathic Nutrition and has embraced a healthy eating lifestyle.

Johanna recognises the importance of core strength, balance, coordination and flexibility and is able to improve the fitness and performances of GEO’s members through Yoga.

Johanna is also CrossFit Level 1 certified and is able to display first hand that age is no barrier to fitness.

In her spare time Johanna loves dressing up her 2 Miniature Schnauzers for beauty pageants, eating exotic foods (like insects and brains), and playing the ukulele.  She also enjoys Stand Up Paddle-boarding, travelling and the great outdoors.



Luke Fulham a.k.a “Bun”

Bun started CrossFit in late 2013.  Back then he was green around the gills and totally new to this style of training. But once he got a taste of it, he literally and metaphorically went from strength to strength.  His dedication to his own training has seen him become our strongest all-round athlete and his enthusiasm to self develop has seen him attend multiple certifications and workshops to better his knowledge as an athlete and a Coach.  Bun’s passion is Olympic Weightlifting and he is working hard to not only improve himself as an athlete but also as a Coach in this highly specialised area.  Bun oversees GEO’s Lifting sessions which are offered twice a week to those who wish to improve their Olympic Weightlifting prowess.

When he is not listening to strength and conditioning related podcasts or lifting really really heavy stuff, Bun can be found at Day Clubs getting down to the tunes of Justin Bieber and Beyonce.




Reace Bizaare a.k.a “Rice-a-Riso”

Reace joined the GEO team with plenty of CrossFit coaching and personal training experience.  He has a real passion for mobility and offers a lot of new techniques to help people move better and feel better.  He also loves Olympic weightlifting which can be observed through his impeccable form.

We are happy to have Reace at GEO to share the knowledge and skills he has amassed over a couple of years of coaching.  When he is not coaching or working out, Reace can be found at Karaoke Bars giving renditions of theme songs from various Disney movies.  He also enjoys water sports, particularly wake boarding, he has an obsession with hamburgers, and he loves to get his groove on at music festivals.



Ernie Koh a.k.a “E”

E is one of the original members of GEO, starting back when we were newly formed.  He has become a CrossFit junkie and can seen most days in the Box lifting well beyond what his stature would suggest.  E has been coaching for a couple of years now and has built up an impressive knowledge with regards to technique and good movement. He is a quiet guy but he knows his stuff and can help you lift heavier and move faster.

When he is not working hard as a Nurse or training at GEO, he loves to collect Pokemon figures and has made it his life’s mission to create a real living and breathing Pokemon.  He is also a mad skiier who loves hitting the slopes every Winter.


Liam Ford a.k.a. “Diaz”

Liam came on board at GEO as a very enthusiastic, and very fit young fella who had just finished High School at Joeys.  What followed was a remarkable progression of skill and strength in a very short period of time that saw him become one of our top performers.  He’s likeable nature, friendliness, and attention to detail in all things CrossFit meant he inspired people of all ages.  In 2016 Liam commenced his Exercise Physiology degree and also completed his CrossFit Level 1 Certification.  It was also during this year that Liam began shadowing at GEO to hone his Coaching skills.

Liam now serves as a permanent member of the GEO Coaching team and in no way does his young age indicate how much knowledge he possesses nor his ability to communicate it to members.  He pretty much lives at GEO spending much of his spare time there training or just hanging out with the community.  When he is not studying or lifting, he can be found at local cafes trialling their milkshake making skills.

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