There’s a perception out there that people who do CrossFit are all super-fit and have the physiques of Superheroes.  You have probably seen them on Youtube or ESPN during the CrossFit Games.  These people are the elite in our sport.  They eat, sleep and breathe CrossFit everyday of their lives.  They are people to be admired and inspired by, but they are not the norm.

The majority of CrossFitters worldwide are just like you.  They want to be stronger; they want to not be out of breath when they are at work or playing with their kids; they want to lose weight and feel better about themselves; they want to do something that will challenge them to be better.

The community of members at GEO come in all shapes and sizes, and are represented equally by both males and females. We have had members as young as 5 and as old as 80 do CrossFit classes with us.  We have people who are skinny and want to build muscle and we have people who are overweight and want to trim down.  We have people who have very poor flexibility; we have people who do not consider themselves strong; we have people who cannot run more than 100m before being out of breath.

At whatever point you are in terms of fitness, do not think that you have to be fit to do CrossFit.  Our job is to improve your health and fitness no matter what level you are currently at.  Check out some of our members below.  They all took that first scary step of attending a session and are now on a never-ending journey of improvement.

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