CrossFit GEO was opened in 2011 by myself (Adam or AB) and my wife Johanna.  It is a registered CrossFit affiliate which means we are legit.  We are not just some gym that claims to do CrossFit.  We are certified.  We follow the methodology.  Our Coaches are all qualified CrossFit Coaches who talk the talk and walk the walk.

When we first opened, we decided from the outset that we did not just want to create a space where people come to train.  We also wanted to create a community of supportive, friendly, motivated individuals who look forward to coming into the gym to challenge themselves and also connect with other people with a similar mindset.

GEO is not a gym where you plug your earphones in and go off and do your own thing.  All of our sessions are group classes – think of it as personal training but in a group.  The Coach will run through a warm-up, exercise technique and skill work to ensure you are doing the right thing, will oversee the actual workouts, and then stretch you out at the end.  If you need more personal attention because you just can’t get the hang of a certain movement, then the Coach will help you with that and scale or modify it if necessary. Scaling a workout is ALWAYS an option, and in fact, we will insist on it when needed.

The gym itself is well equipped with everything you need to improve all aspects of your fitness.  We have loads of barbells, weights, kettlebells, sleds, tyres, rowers, medicine balls and a great rig.  We have tried to stick to the original concept of what a CrossFit gym is – 4 walls, a roof, and equipment.  What I mean by that is that GEO is not a fancy, shiny, bells and whistles type of gym.  If that is what you are after, then maybe you should try Fitness First.  What we have are dedicated Coaches working in a space with all of the equipment you need to make genuine and positive changes to your strength, speed, agility, flexibility, power, coordination, and endurance.  All we need from you is a desire to be better and a commitment to get there.

Integrity is doing what you said you were going to do, when you said you were going to do it.  Do you have integrity?  Maybe you have wavered in the past.  The good news is, you can try again.  If you are willing to work towards your goals, we will help you achieve them.




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