A smorgasbord of classes today!

Today’s classes will be streamed live on Zoom at 7.00am, 9.30am, 3.00pm (barbell), 4.00pm, 4.15pm (Young Guns), 5.30pm and 7.00pm.

Use 299-070-3919 for all classes except Young Guns, use 294-809-2895



2 rounds of:

30sec Deep Squat

10 Hip Swings


2 rounds of:

30sec Side plank each side

20 Leg Swings each leg



3 sets of:

10 Split Squats each leg 5-30kg

12 Good Mornings 5-40kg

*If only lightweight or no weight available, add in a 4sec lowering (eccentric) for each rep


3 sets of:

5 Cossack Squats each leg with a 2sec pause at the bottom of each rep

10 Lateral Leg Swings each leg



For time:


Hamstring Bridges (feet on couch)

Lunges (stepping forward)

Deadlifts @5-60kg 

*If only lightweight available or less than 20kg, double reps to 60-40-20




2 rounds of:

30s deep squat

30s side plank each side

10 Arrested Supermen reps

10 leg swings each leg


2 rounds (empty bar) of:

10 front rack lunges

10 tall snatch grip high pulls

10 BTN snatch grip press

9 minute EMOM

1) 20s bottom of overhead squat hold

2) 7 high hang power snatches

3) 5 high hang snatches

Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes

2 snatch high pull + 2 full Snatch + 2 OHS, building weight over sets

(If only light weight available):

4 Snatch high pull, 4 full snatch, 4 drop snatch, 4 OHS

2 options:

1) “I don’t have much weight”

8 sets

10 OH Lunges (forward stepping)5 Sets

5 close grip overhead squats

Tempo: 3300

1 minute rest/set

5 sets

10 back squat jumps

1 minute rest/set

2) “I can load up”

Overhead Squat

Back squat

20 reps @60%

3 minute rest

20 reps @55%

2 minute rest

20 reps @50%

1 minute rest

20 reps @40%

2 minute rest/set

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