“You become stillness, immersed in stillness.”

Why would you ever Freedive?

Listen to William Trubridge as he takes you on a journey to the depths of the ocean on a single breath – a truly fascinating tale.

Today’s classes stream live at 8.00am and 3.00pm.

Use Meeting ID 299-070-3919 and the password to access.

Tomorrow’s Community session will stream live at 3pm.  Use Meeting ID 199-109-071 and the password “community” to access.  Invite your friends and family.



2 rounds of:

30sec Deep Squat

10 Cat Camels

10 Leg-abducted rocking each leg


3 rounds of:

20sec Side plank each side

20sec Superman hold



200 Bicep Curls for time (5-15kg, single or double-handed)

*every minute on the minute, do 3 Burpees, including at the start.

-rest 3 mins, then-

200 Floor press for time

*every minute on the minute, do 3 Squat Jumps for max height

-rest 3 minute, then-

For time:


Mountain Climbers

Anchored Sit-ups

Reverse Lunges

KB Swings

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