As many of you know, we had to close our doors yesterday from midday.  As sad as that is, we are not letting the Covid-19 virus destroy us or our community.  We are working hard to develop ideas and strategies that ensure our community still get the training, coaching and engagement they want and need.

Live online classes are being run so that members can continue to train from isolation. These classes have proven to be hugely successful.

To the GEO members, do not give up hope.  Sometimes changes and sacrifices need to be made for the greater good of not only yourself and those around you, but for humanity as a whole.  This is certainly one of those times where we need to give up our opportunity to train together in the same physical space, in order to save lives.  It’s that simple.

But you can still get everything you need from us.  Trust that we, the coaching team, will look after you as far as your training and community engagement needs go.  To be honest, I daresay you will get a whole lot more from us.

If you have not yet tried a live online class, jump on today. We’ll be running classes at 6.00am, 9.30am, 4.30pm, and 6.00pm.  This schedule will expand over the coming days.

Contact Adam if you have any questions.

Stay healthy.  Stay safe.  Be kind to each other.



A. Warm-up
2 rounds
30 second Deep squat
30 second Superman hold
30 second Hollow hold

B. 2 rounds
30 second side plank each side
30 second closed eye single leg balance (each leg)

C. Handstand Progression
5 sets of:
20 Handstand Hold/20 second headstand/40 second straight arm plank
rest 30 seconds
3 Strict HSPU/6 KIpping HSPU/12 Push-ups
Rest 1 minute

D. Strength
Superset both movements for 4 sets of:
10 x Upright row with DB/KB/weighted bag of choice
10 x Goblet squats with same weight

E. 5 min AMRAP
5 Half Hindus
10 Frogs
15 Kicksits

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