Bench Press, Handstands, and Running

Forbsie takes 2nd place at the NSW Masters League Throwdown


A. Barbell Bench Press

4 sets, 8 reps @75% of 5RM from last week

B. 6 sets of:

10m Handstand Walk or 30 sec Face to Wall Handstand Hold

45 sec rest between sets

C. 4 sets of:

20 sec L-sit

40 sec rest

D. Running AMRAP – 10 minute AMRAP

100m Run

10 Burpees

3 Ring Muscle Ups


1 RMU= 1C2B and 1 Ring Dip (ie. one set =3 and 3)

1 RMU= 1 Pull-up and 1 Push-up (ie. one set = 3 and 3)

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