2020 Masters League Throwdown



Sunday 1 March 2020

Competition Registration 

Closes Sunday 22 March



Rego will commence from 7.30am

Briefing will be at 8.00am.

First WOD will be at 8.30am.

Getting there

We are located at 24B/33-37 College Street, Gladesville.  College Street has been blocked off (does not show up on maps) so the best access to the gym is to come along Victoria Road, turn into Frank Street (Kennards on the corner), which then becomes College Street.  We are located in the industrial complex on the left.  There is a boom gate at the entrance. It will open automatically. Code to get out is 4267.


We have plenty of off-street parking as well as non-timed parking on College Street. Please do not park in the undercover area – this will be for you guys to set up camp.

Where you can set up

We have a large covered carpark area adjacent to the Box for you to set up camp.  Bring a chair with you.  If you want you can bring a gazebo and set it up beside this area so you will still be close to the action.


Ergon 1 Cafe will be serving coffee, drinks and food.  You can use cash or card to pay.  They are located outside the gym at 20A Buffalo Road, Gladesville, about a 3 min walk from the gym.


We have two toilets inside the gym.  These will be the only ones available for use so please be respectful and keep them clean.  There will be one toilet for women, and one for men.


I have organised a small core group of Judges from GEO to help on the day, but for the most part we will be asking you guys to help out.  If you are confident in maintaining the standards of the workouts and keeping track of your athlete’s reps, then I would really appreciate it if you could jump in and lend a hand.

All Judges will be instructed to be strict but fair.  If you have an injury or movement issue that does not allow you to reach the required standards of any movement, please inform your judge and demonstrate the issue to them prior to your heat beginning.

PLEASE NOTE: Any arguing or aggressive behaviour directed at any of the Judges or volunteers will result in instant disqualification.  These guys are offering up their time to help run a comp for you.  They are not getting paid.  They will do their best to offer the highest standard of judging but sometimes mistakes are made.  Suck it up and do another rep.  Lets keep it amicable and fun.

Handling of Equipment

If you are using an empty bar, please do not drop the bar but place down on the floor.  If any empty bars are dropped, YOU WILL BE NO-REPPED.  The same applies for bars loaded with less than 5kg either side.  For bars loaded with 5kg either side, we ask that the bar be controlled down to the hip before releasing.  If bars are dropped from above the hip YOU WILL BE NO-REPPED.


WOD 1 


6 min AMRAP

10 Power Snatches

15 Box Jump Overs

*Score will be the total number of reps performed in 6 mins

**All Hero and Warriors must jump over.  Soldiers can jump or step over

35-49 HERO – 50/35kg, 24/20″ Box, 50-59 HERO – 45/30kg, 24/20″ Box, 60+ HERO 40/25kg

35-49 WARRIOR – 40/30kg, 24/20″ Box 50-59 WARRIOR 35/25kg, 24/20″ Box 60-69 WARRIOR 30/20kg, 24/20″ Box

35-49 SOLDIER – 25/15kg, 24/20″ Box 50-59 SOLDIER 25/15kg, 24/20″ Box 60-69 SOLDIER 25/15kg, 24/20″ Box



8 mins to find max weight:

400m Run

15 Burpees

-then in remaining time-

1 Clean + 2 Hang Cleans + 2 Shoulder to Overhead

* 400m Run + Burpees are a buy-in only.  They are not scored.  Run and burpees must be completed before lifting can commence.  

**Cleans can be Power or Squat, but your first Clean must start from the floor and the next 2 Hangs must start above the knees.  If the bar is taken below the knees in your Hang Cleans, you will be no-repped.  You do not have to start the complex again – you can continue with the correct Hang Clean start position and carry on.  For each Clean to count, you must finish the rep with your elbows in front of the bar, and stand tall with your knees and hips open.

***For the Shoulder to Overheads, you can use a Strict Press, Push Press, Push Jerk or Split Jerk. The finish position for each S2OH is arms locked out overhead, bar over shoulders, hips and knees open i.e you are standing tall.

****Your final Shoulder to Overhead must be completed prior to the 8 min buzzer going off



8 min AMRAP of:

5 Bar Muscle Ups

10 Handstand Push-ups

15 Kettlebell Swings 24/16kg

15/12 cal Row

*Score will be the total number of reps completed in 8 mins

**Below are the scalings for each division. If a movement/weight is not listed for your division, then that means you are doing what is listed above.

35-49 HERO – as above, 50-59 HERO – 5 Chest to Bars

35-49 WARRIOR – 10 Pull-ups, Deficit Push-ups off blocks 50-59 WARRIOR 10 Pull-ups, Deficit Push-ups off blocks

35-49 SOLDIER – 10 Ring Rows, Push-ups hands-on Box, 16/12kg, 50-59 SOLDIER 10 Ring Rows, Push-ups hands-on Box, 16/12kg, 60-69 SOLDIER 10 Ring Rows, Push-ups hands-on Box, 12/8kg



35-39 FEMALE
1. Emanuela Wasinski
2. Haley Tibbetts
3. Melanie Bright
4. Natalie Hitchenson
40-44 FEMALE
1. Brooke Pretty
2. Jennifer Sharpe
3. Rebecca Rich
4. Belinda Green
5. Kylie Inman
6. Leesa Smithwell

WOD 1: 8.30am, WOD 2: 10.30am, WOD 3: 12.30pm

45-49 FEMALE
1. Janine Canderle
2. Kerry Brooks
 50-54 FEMALE
1. Barbara Meister
2. Jeanette Danser
3. Tracey Schneider
4. Donna Lowry
55-59 FEMALE
1. Karen Coleman
2. Rachael King

WOD 1: 8:40am, WOD 2: 10.40am, WOD 3: 12.40pm

35-39 MALE
1. Darryn Van Tonder
2. Raymond Cummings
3. Tony Prosaroski
40-44  MALE
1. Darren Preston
2. Robert Valeski
45-49  MALE
1. Josh De Rouffignac
2. Sam Pheils
3. Tua Matapuku
4. Adam Croal
5. Craig Bodecott

WOD 1: 8.50am, WOD 2: 10.50am, WOD 3: 12.50am

50-54  MALE
1. Graham Hollebone
2. Tex Whitney
3. Adam Flohm
55-59 MALE
1. Martin Jenner
60-69  MALE
1. Steve Westcott

WOD 1: 9.00am, WOD 2: 11.00am, WOD 3: 1.00pm

35-39 FEMALE
1. Connie Edwards
2. Jen Dugard
3. Kat Suchet
4. Kristine Telfer
5. Renae Harris
6. Kirsty Fisher
7. Libby Moore
8. Samantha Cosgrove
9. Amanda Leggett
10. Carol Graham

WOD 1: 9.10am, WOD 2: 11.10am, WOD 3: 1.10pm

40-44 FEMALE
1. Emi Dorn
2. Kelly Lewis
3. Kerrie Haggarty
4. Nicole Jenner
45-49 FEMALE
1. Elisa Cornish not on CC
2. Kerry Rodwell
3. Lyndall Ellis
4. Simona Trevini
50-54 FEMALE
1. Tanya Bradbury
2. Jen Maarseveen

WOD 1: 9.20am, WOD 2: 11.20am, WOD 3: 1.20pm

35-39  MALE
1. Andy Hansen
2. Chris Elliott
3. Dan Winning
4. Jude Sommerville
5. Joel Khoda
6. Ivan Karic
7. Shawn Hughson

WOD 1: 9.30am, WOD 2: 11.30am, WOD 3: 1.30pm

40-44  MALE 
1. Brett Garrick
2. Ciprian Pascu
3. Dan Hunt
4. Dennis Feher
5. Jason Cutts
6. Morgan Regler
7. George Vavdinos

8. Adam Robinson

WOD 1: 9.40am, WOD 2: 11.40am, WOD 3: 1.40am

45-49  MALE
1. Matthew Watts
2. Mark McHenry
3. Michael Forbes
4. Sean Brandtman
5. Matthew Murtough-Coombes
6. Phillip Hall
7. Richard Fennell
50-54 MALE
1. Rob Maarseveen
2. Jim Wackett
55-59  MALE
1. Les Murray

WOD 1: 9.50am, WOD 2: 11.50am, WOD 3: 1.50pm

35-39 FEMALE
1. Amy Wake
45-49 FEMALE
1. Jo Camps
2. Nicole Bignall
35-39  MALE
1. Ben Beasley
2. Justin McNeil
3. Matt Walker
4. David Kable
40-44  MALE HERO
1. Blake Sutton
2. Chris Young
3. Larry Webber

WOD 1: 10.00am, WOD 2: 12.00pm, WOD 3: 2.00pm

45-49  MALE
1. Craig Berry
2. Darren Tahu
3. Phil Evans
4. Adam Brown
5. Zenek Wasinski
50-54  MALE
1. Mark Brown
55-59  MALE 
1. Anthony Donohoe
2. Ian Buster
3. Paul Byrnes

WOD 1: 10.10am, WOD 2: 12.10pm, WOD 3: 2.10pm

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